These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he who stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

-Thomas Paine, The Crisis

AFK_Weye Turns Ten
By Dwip March 6, 2019, 7:34 pm Comments (0) RSS Feed for this post

February 26th, 2009, as it turns out, marks the public release date of that most excellent Oblivion mod, AFK_Weye, to the world. There’s a lot I want to say about that, and in due course I imagine I shall – plans are in motion. For now, let me make a couple of points:

– According to Nexus, somewhere over 19,000 people have downloaded (and hopefully enjoyed) AFK_Weye. It’s been a Nexus file of the month, was #2 in its category for a while, been featured in articles, and been the subject of a long-running let’s play series. People thought it was good enough to translate into French. That any of that should ever have happened remains slightly astonishing to me for a thing I sort of did on a lark and never expected to gain any traction, but I still get comments about it sometimes. Wild.

– Looking back ten years on, the creative period that sparked AFK_Weye was a truly remarkable time in my life, one of those blessings that you hopefully make use of while they’re there. I spent a lot of years in the shadow of that time, and I think I’m in another such period now. They are good days.

What a time that was. More later.

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Annals of the Realms
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It has somewhat belatedly come to my attention that while I have chronicled our various D&D adventures in the Forgotten Realms from 1997 or so to 2011, I have not yet bothered to collect all of those posts in one place. So I guess let’s do that.

In That Epic Struggle, Part One – The story of our very first campaign in 1997, from Waterdeep to Calimport.

In That Epic Struggle, Part Two – The second FR game in 2000, featuring the level 5 frontal assault, the carpet collision, and giants who may or may not be on fire.

In That Epic Struggle, Part Three – Our third FR game from 2006, featuring the grassy gnoll, Talos swag, and the beginning of the Slave Lords series of modules as the party takes on A1 – Slave Pits of the Undercity.

It Will Be Epic In the Movie – The first post from our 2011 continuation of our 2006 game as the party misadventures their way through A2 – Secret of the Slaver’s Stockade. Bluff puppets, doors, and leaps.

Only Clerics Can Start Forest Fires – Continuing on through A2, as the party deals with separation anxiety and forest fires.

“There’s No Rule Against Poisoning Minotaurs!” – Now in the bottom half of A2, the party and a couple of friends meet one or two monsters and may or may not poison them.

On Fifteen Foot Wide Tunnels – We finally escape A2, discovering why they call them landsharks.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters – Deep in the Underdark, the party tries to cross a bridge, for better or for worse.

Tired DM is Tired – Remember to give your DM his nap time.

Averted Loinclothing – Rather than actually get loinclothed and go through A4, the party resorts to extreme measures.

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Spencer Butte
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In which yer humble may be seen atop Spencer Butte, which is one of those places you hear about all the time, being a local landmark and all, but I’d never actually been there until today when Devin, his dad, and I collectively shrugged and said “Eh, why not?”

It also turns out that it’s not called Spencer’s Butte, despite having heard it that way every single time it came up in conversation for 30-something years.

So let’s talk about that a bit. The hike, that is. Not the vagaries of colloquial language. We’ll get to that some other time. Or maybe we won’t. I’m a fickle author. We’ll definitely talk about that. Not now.


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Blew Away (live)
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So, one of these days we’re going to discuss my prolonged absence from this blog, and that day may come sooner rather than later. For the moment, however, I’m going to give you a concert review, somewhat in the style of days of yore.


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Titan Missile Museum
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Precisely a year ago, in honor of my 35th birthday, Dad and I took a trip over to the Titan Missile Museum in Sahuarita, AZ about 5 minutes from where my parents live. Therein you get a guided tour of a silo housing an LGM-25C Titan II intercontinental ballistic missile, part of the US nuclear deterrent from 1963 to 1987.

As you can see, there’s not much aboveground – that tan thing in the foreground there is the enclosure that seals off the top of the silo. Everything else is museum.


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