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This will likely make no sense to you if you don’t play MUDs, but oh well.

With blame…er…credit to Samson and myself. When bored imms attack.

Welcome to LifeMUD. Please choose a race.

1) Human

Please choose a class.

1) Worker Drone

Please wait while statistics and a name are generated for you.

The immortals have assigned you the name ‘Melvin’ and you cannot change it. Enjoy your stay on LifeMUD!

You are in a sterile-looking hospital room.

Your mother is here. A nurse is here.

You are hungry. You are thirsty.

You wield a scalpel.

Your pierce OBLITERATES your mother!

Your mother is dead! RIP.

A nurse’s backhand CRUSHES you!

The world fades to black…

> chat hey! All the mobs in the start area are too hard! Your mud sucks!

Unknown command: chat

You are DEAD! Your character has been deleted. Have a nice day.

Welcome to LifeMUD. Please choose a race…

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avatar Comment by Morlan #1
July 14, 2004 at 6:02 am


I would just like to comment, on this post.

I beleive he is talking about a fictional MUD and not infact the real LifeMUD.

If you would like to see what we really offer then why not try us out.


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