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By Dwip July 1, 2003, 12:45 am Comments Off on The Reviews of Books and Movies RSS Feed for this post

So Laura and I saw The Hulk tonight, and it was, uh. Um. Something. It had good parts, and the story went ok right up until the end, except for the parts that, well, didn’t go ok. It looked damn cool. And it felt like every second of the two and a half hours I sat watching it.

Also finished Kim Stanley Robinson’s The Years of Rice and Salt. It’s one of those books that you like without really liking, I suppose. I mean, for starters, the premise is totally whacked – 99% of Europe’s population dies off in the Black Plague, nobody else feels a thing. Sorry, thanks for playing. Also, he uses this funky reincarnation thing as a plot device that sort of exists, but is sort of pointless at the end of the day. And then there’s the ObFeminist ranting and the Marxist revolution in China and how everyone in the world becomes a big happy communal society. Very much a political-views-of-the-author book. And yet for all that it’s a good book, with some interesting stories in it, and I like his world-building. Ah well.

Oh, and I started a solo f/m/t character for Baldur’s Gate, with the intention of doing a full clear on BG, TOTSC, BG2, and TOB. Yes, I am insane.

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