Passing Over the River
By Dwip August 23, 2003, 11:54 pm Comments Off on Passing Over the River RSS Feed for this post

It’s been a good weekend, we note. The parents are gone at the coast. The bowl of pasta I didn’t quite cook right is nonetheless good. Cole came over and we played a ton of Civ and some MWDA. This is good.

Watched Gods and Generals tonight. Reviewed it a bit on Tonto, will do more here. On a plot level, it sucked. Skipped around a lot, tried to cover too much, and should’ve stayed focused on Stonewall Jackson the entire time. The token black folks needed a LOT of help. Jackson the religiously fanatic military man who loves his family and such a lot was interesting. Watching random guys march around on battlefields for 4 hours, not so much. Needed to be shorter, needed a plot.

Watching it, I’m also reminded how amazingly…dim a lot of the generals were back in the day. Or rather, I can see with a lot of hindsight how many mistakes they all made. Frex, the delayed entry of rapid-fire cartridge arms into the Union forces. Or, watch in G&G when the Union troops march into Fredricksburg. How their nice little columns get all cut to hell. Sure could use some effective squad-level infantry tactics there.

Ah well. Going back in time to direct the successful Union victory in 1863 over the South is going to need to wait until after I finish Le Mort d’Arthur and watch Zulu, I’m afraid.

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