The Best of Giant Robot Games
By Dwip September 16, 2003, 1:22 pm Comments (2) RSS Feed for this post

This isn’t the actual update I promised, but I was pondering the want to put this up somewhere, and here’s good. So this a post I made over on the Classic Battletech boards. Whir will be amused, even if nobody else is.

Back before we understood the fire rules, we had a fire spread over an entire map. Something like two lances of light and medium jumpers are leaping all over the place in fire and smoke, lining up rear shots at point blank range. Had this big chain of mechs winding all over the board.

Playing on Large Mountain/Heavy Woods. Mechs on both sides I think were Pack Hunter clones or the like. He’s in the woods, jumps a lot, figuring I can’t hit because I jumped to the top of the hill. I need 12s with a Clan ER PPC. Roll to hit…12. Roll for location…12. One very thrilled me. I lost the game, but nobody remembers anything but that shot. :)

We play a lot of random mech, random map, random drop location. Three of us playing 1v1v1. A more or less unhurt Sirocco, a, uh, something, and me, who just died. Grab the next mech in the stack…and it’s a Thor! With a UAC 20! I fiendishly laugh, roll for location… right in the middle of the action! Win init. I’m laughing fiendishly as I line up on the random mech for a double shot with the UAC…and roll snake eyes. I’m left with 2, count them 2, ER MLs. Not that it matters, because on his turn I go down to a snake eyes double gyro crit. Bah.

So I draw again and get…the 3025 Enforcer. Oh dear. And I start…right next to the Sirocco. Oh dear. And I immediately blow the head off it with the AC 10. Go figure.

In a campaign we were playing once, there was a lance of mercs, custom low-end 3050 lights, against a couple lances of Scorpions. The day is not going well for Our Heroes. The dual-LL Panther can’t hit a thing. The Flea goes down almost immediately. The other PC mech isn’t doing so hot. And here’s this Javalin, missing both arms, armor all ripped up, a bunch of internal damage, but with decent legs. Rampant DFA action ensues, taking down 3 or 4 Scorpions, single-handedly. The legend of Trooper Boy lived on thereafter.

Another random drop game. I’ve got a totally unhurt Penetrator versus a Hunchback with an LL. And I’m long-range dueling with the HBK…and losing. Two ER LLs versus an LL, and I’m losing. Get head hit, things just aren’t going well. So I close to close range, figuring my pulses can take him out. So he shoots me to death with medium lasers as I miss a lot. Gah.

Unhurt Flashman goes toe to toe in the city with a Clan MunchkinMech, fairly hurt, but with a Gauss and a UAC 20. I alpha strike…and miss with almost everything. HE alpha strikes…and cores my CT with everything. Ow.

My group has…player quirks, I guess. Frex, the one guy loves to play quads, and loves to play MASCed quads. And he ALWAYS fails the MASC roll in some highly inconvenient spot. And their always just plain old MASC rolls, no multiple rounds, nothing. Like the time he had a MASC quad running away from the other two of us, he runs behind the hill…and the MASC cuts out. So we left him there.

Or me. I can’t make piloting rolls to save my life. “Oh, I need a 4, you say? No problem…” 2. “Well, that sucked. Now I can get up…” 3. OTOH, I ALWAYS make the impossible shots. That 12 head hit isn’t an isolated event, around here. And I ALWAYS, ALWAYS win init. And then I go on to lose a lot, somehow. Go figure.

The other guy has a strange one. He gets an ENORMOUS amount of snake eye double gyro shots/snake eye triple engine hits. I’ve had maybe 2 or three of each. He can go two or three of these per game, some days. It’s unreal. But it only works against ME. Aeeyah.

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Comments on The Best of Giant Robot Games
avatar Comment by Regina #1
September 17, 2003 at 12:55 pm

What the heck do you play these things on? Computers, or maps, or just random universes you make up as you go?

avatar Comment by Dwip #2
September 17, 2003 at 3:02 pm

Battletech in specific uses hex-grid paper mapsheets of terrain, or you can use to-scale terrain pieces, but we use hex maps.

Mostly a face to face thing – everybody mentioned in the post is one of my RL friends. We gather over at my place to play every so often. Whir and I also play, which involves calling movement orders and such out over some form of internet chat – ICQ, and whatnot.

This is sort of what it ends up looking like. Except our terrain isn’t anything like that nice.

There is a universe behind all of this, a very well-detailed one with a lot of history and such behind it. The most of us nominally play as certain factions – Clyos plays Clan Ghost Bear/Free Worlds League, Whir plays Clan Jade Falcon, and I play Clan Snow Raven/ComStar.

But most of the time we just play random pickup games, throw some stuff together, fight.