Diary of a Madrabbit
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In lieu of ranting about life again, which involved me A, hating class a lot and B, running into a number of interesting women, I shall post this rather more interesting snippet of conversation from Alsherok. No, it makes no sense. No, it doesn’t need to.

You say ‘Info: Belamon (11) killed by A Giant Rabbit at 5452’

You say ‘Once more, the freedom fighters strike a blow against the tyrranical opressors.’

You say ‘Join us! Rise against the tyrranical opressors! Fight the power! Fuck the police! Kill adventurers! Power to the rabbits!’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘Rise up against the oppressors! Revolt! Revolt! Raise the banner of revolution!’

A Giant Rabbit points at Belamon accusingly.

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘That would be you, incidentally. We’re coming for you.’

Belamon chats ‘Yummy!’

The Negative Magnetic Space Wedgy chats ‘You Wabbits. Kwazy Wabbits.’

Belamon chats ‘I’m hoping there’s a brace for dinner.’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘Yeah Wedgy, we’re coming for you, too.’

The Negative Magnetic Space Wedgy chats ‘Bring it’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘Working rabbits of the world, unite! Rise up against the exploitative adventurers! Destroy the enemies of world socialism!’

Belamon chats ‘Come on! I need something for the stew’

The Negative Magnetic Space Wedgy chats ‘Socialism? Do you rabbits even know what world this is?’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘Obviously one that has been ground under the bootheel of the burgoisie adventurer, who exploits the rabbit class, bleeding it dry of experience and gold.’

Belamon chats ‘price of lettuce been going up?’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘I saw you! I saw you trying to exploit us!’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘Info: Belamon (11) killed by A Giant Rabbit at 5452’

Belamon chats ‘Umm, isn’t that you exploiting me?’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘But we’re the ones with the power, now! The tables have turned!’

The Negative Magnetic Space Wedgy chats ‘Ah, Belamon is clever indeed’

Belamon chats ‘It’s your commune of rabid mammals, exploiting the downtrodden!’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘Not true! Rabbits are only the beginning! Soon we shall help mobiles everywhere cast off their yokes, and become free!’

The Negative Magnetic Space Wedgy slays the Giant Rabbit.

Belamon chats ‘Umm, if you had yokes, wouldn’t you be im-mobiles?’

Belamon chats ‘aww, poor wittle bunny wabbit.’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘That’s sort of the point, really.’

Belamon chats ‘but you *are* mobiles’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘You missed me, Wedgy. Which isn’t surprising. The adventurist-immortalists are notoriously inept like that.’

The Negative Magnetic Space Wedgy chats ‘Somehow I don’t think you escaped me that time, furball!’

You peer into the ether…. and pluck out A Giant Rabbit!

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘Oh?’

Samson says ‘CHEATER!’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘You may have killed one of us, but there are more!’

A Squirrel Alien chats ‘Rise up my brothers! Repel the evil Rabbit invasion!’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘We shall fight in the zoo. We shall fight in the fields. We shall fight in the rabbit-holes. We shall never surrender!’

Squirrels everywhere arm themselves and begin the hunt.

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘But we will set you free! Join us!’

A Squirrel Alien chats ‘We will NEVER join you! Foul beast!’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘Hey, I’m not the alien here, bub.’

Squirrels the world over begin slaughtering non-so-innocent bunnies by the thousands.

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘Help! Help! We’re being repressed!’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘You saw him! You saw him, didn’t you? You saw him repressing us!’

Belamon chats ‘Where’s a ball gag when you need one?’

A Squirrel Alien chats ‘Come, forest animals, rise up and save our world!’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘You haven’t heard the last of us! *shakes fist* *hides*’

A Giant Rabbit slays Clyos in cold blood!

Clyos gasps his last breath and blood spurts out of his mouth and ears.

A Squirrel Alien chats ‘Yes, run. Hide. We shall be watching you rabbits.’

A Giant Rabbit chats ‘Another blow struck for freedom!’

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Comments on Diary of a Madrabbit
avatar Comment by Whir #1
October 10, 2003 at 1:10 am

I always miss the good shit when I go to bed early. :(

avatar Comment by BN_Chili #2
October 10, 2003 at 6:54 am

I’m…. midly confused….

avatar Comment by Regina #3
October 10, 2003 at 11:42 am

Mildly? Your reading comprehension abilities are better than mine, then.