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Or not so numb. But there was lots of numb.

Also, I passed a dead rabbit in the road on my way home. That was slightly disconcerting.

Anyway. Been very busy lately. Should be working right now, but I need a break. We’re back to a book per 2 days again, or worse. Right now is worse – 2 books in a day, plus a small paper. Of those, I have the one book done, partway into the second, ignoring the paper because it’s far too easy. Also part of the plan was to complete my essays for going to England, and to get my recommendations to people. Well, no. Books first.

But wait, there’s more.

This is going to be another one of those entries about the Perils of Dentistry, I’m afraid. Because, little did I remember, I had an appointment for a filling today. This is, as it happens, a good thing, because about a week ago my rear-left molar decided that its life would be appreciably enhanced by developing a fairly large hole. Whatever, tooth. So I got to drive in to Eugene today, an hour and a half drive.

Fortunately, I manged to beat the snow. Yes, the snow. In November. That doesn’t happen a lot here. So I walk into the dentist’s office, and I’m like “Merry Christmas!” They liked that. They also liked the apparently gargantuan hole in my tooth, too. Did their best bedside manner with me, but you could hear an undertone of “Holy shit!” Since that tooth now feels appreciably different on the whole side, I take it that it was a damn big hole.

I need to put in a plug for the greatness of nitrous oxide here, and the benefits of being high while you get worked on are beyond compare. Normally, I’m not one to advocate going out of your mind like that, but having run the gamut on these things, from being drilled without being numb to the whole nine yards, I much prefer the whole nine yards. Turns the experience from one of pain into one of amusement. Frex:



*cough cough cough*


(I think they’re calling my name…that’s nice…)



“I’m fine, I’m fine. Something in my throat.”

“Oh, ok. We’ll get back to it now.”

A sense of clinical detachment descends upon me as I feel them prepping for the needle, and I’m like “Oh, they’re stabbing me with an enormous needle now. That’s nice.” “Oh, they’re drilling me now. That’s nice.” “Man, they’re really throwing my jaw around something fierce. That’s nice.”

Two hours and a couple fillings later, I’m wobbling out of there only slightly the worse for wear, but really tired. The numb feeling didn’t die off for like 5 hours. That and the fact I can barely move that side of my mouth makes me wonder if they didn’t hit a nerve. Oh well.

On another note, I was digging around, and unearthed a couple of pictures from Back In the Day. From roughly 5 years ago, my freshman year of college. Oddly this is the only year for which I have pictures at all. In any case:

Rabbits In Trees

Me in a tree in the Memorial Union quad one night. Big group of us was out, and in a spirit of insanity, I climbed the tree. Fun times.

Rabbits Asleep

Me, crashed out at my desk, sometime freshman year. Roomie snapped this one night when I was apparently very very tired. For those of you clueless about dorm life, that’s about half of our double room, there. The other side looks like this one, and the part you can’t see, from the green thing in the foreground that’s my pillow on, is beds, one to a side. Note the desk – that binder on the open drawer was my mousepad, and my keyboard sat diagonally in front of my monitor in order to make room for my entire comp on the desk. In my single room, almost nothing has changed except there’s one set of furnishings, and the desk is almost half again as big – no more annoying binder mousepads!

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Comments on Numb
avatar Comment by Raine #1
November 20, 2003 at 8:11 am

In the interests of my sanity, I feel moved to contribute once again… exams over tomorrow… Yay!

But what I actually meant to say was this:

So *THAT’S* how you sleep at the desk… how bunnyish ;p

avatar Comment by Regina #2
November 20, 2003 at 3:08 pm

I commiserate on the dentist bit. I just exchanged my braces for a retainer. This would be good, except I can’t talk with the darn thing in and I’m supposed to wear it 24/7 for the next six months (except when I’m eating). And also, my brain, understandably but vexingly, decided that this big thing in my mouth must be digested, and accordingly is working the saliva glands hard, which means I’m practically drooling here.

avatar Comment by BN_Chili #3
November 22, 2003 at 7:14 pm

*imagines _Regina drooling uncontrolably against her will*

*laughs really hard*