Happy Birthday To Meeeee…
By Dwip December 12, 2003, 9:08 am Comments (2) RSS Feed for this post

So, yeah. Not only are finals done, I’m 23. Uh, yay.

Er, about that.

So I get home last night, and I’m all talking to Mom, and she’s like “Oh, by the way. Your package from Amazon is on your bed.”

“What package from Amazon?”

“I dunno, whatever it is you ordered.”

“But I didn’t order anything.”

“Well, obviously you must have if you’ve got a package.”

“No, but I’ll check it out anyway.”

Sure enough, there’s this package on my bed. Huh. Go back in, open it up. Inside is…a book. A book on how to be Evil. Now, I’m for evil as much as the next guy, but… “Uh, Mom? I didn’t order this, you know.” So I check the packing slip, wondering what the deal is…

Erik/Dwip/Marius, Merry birthday. :) Too late for your birthday, too early for Xmas – it splits the difference! Hope you have a great b-day/Christmas. –Regina/Sarah

Heh. Actually, you timed it damn near perfectly. :) Perfectly, I say. Domo. Domo arigato goziemashita.

But now we flash back a bit, to the fifth. I’m randomly talking to Suzanne. And to jump into the middle of the conversation…

Me: I done been college edumacated, ysee?

Her: mmm.. chicken.

Her: that sums up MY college experience.

Me: What? “mmm.. chicken.” or “I done been college edumacated, ysee?” :P

Her: both. :)

Me: *40 years later, when you’re running for president*

Interviewer: Could you tell us a little bit about your college years?

You: Why, certainly. I think they can best be summed up by “mmm.. chicken.”

Me: You could be the chicken president.

Her: That’s what I’ve always wanted to be!

Her: better than: “mmm…. marijuana…”

Her: “I didn’t inhale! I only TASTED the chicken…”

Me: Ha.

Me: You could always combine the two. “mmm… chicken marijuana…”

And the voters will be like “Fuuuuuuck. Obviously she got the good shit in college. Maybe if we elect her, she’ll hook us up with some.”

Her: LOL

Her: you can be my election advisor..

Me: Heh. Yay.

Her: and campaign organizer.. obviously you have a knack for this sort of thing…

Me: Our symbol will be a great big red white and blue chicken smoking a joint.

Her: Yes.

Her: now i’m going to draw that and give the pic to you later and you’re gonna be like: “Wha..?”

And, you know, sure enough, she did.

And there was much rejoicing.

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Comments on Happy Birthday To Meeeee…
avatar Comment by Regina #1
December 12, 2003 at 10:19 am

Yeah. Amazon surprised me by shipping it fast. :)

avatar Comment by toasty #2
December 12, 2003 at 2:03 pm

happy birthday Erik :)