And In the End…
By Dwip February 9, 2004, 3:12 pm Comments Off on And In the End… RSS Feed for this post

The fight you take is equal to the fight you make, or something to that effect.

So, Sunday night. Weekly D&D ritual. You may recall that we had twice previously fought a certain very large spikey black monster with psionic powers to a standstill, losing our robot, and then losing me. Well, this time, we went down for the third try at the thing. This time, we had a plan, however, involving lots and lots of fire and acid damage which it can’t regenerate.

The other two times, we had had a bunch of shrieker mushrooms to have it come to us. However, last time we fried said ‘shrooms, which meant we had to explore. So we did. All of which was unimportant except for a certain side cave, where we got ambushed by the monster.

*zot* – Our fighter gets mindlocked for 12 rounds.

I see it, grab the flaming burst sword from said mindlocked fighter, and am about to charge the monster when…

*zot* – I’m down for 12 rounds.

And the other two valiantly took it on for a while, until we all finally got back up. I got in a couple of swings before being mindlocked again. Seebo the gnome eventually went down, though he DID paralyze the monster first. Unfortunately, the monster could still paralyze US, which it did. So the whole thing ended up with Seebo dead, me getting my brain sucked out until I went to 1 int right as I came back to life, got my four rounds of swings in or so, then died at -19 hp or so. The rest of the fight didn’t take long, and our party is now monster food.

It was, however, a mighty combat. Some 30 rounds or so of fighting. I went through two complete mindlocks, 12 rounds each. We had a great plan to defeat the monster, which just didn’t quite work. So we done pretty good. I am…mostly content. With the exception that I think this entire combat has been a pretty good illustration of why I will never ever use psionics in any game I run. Because if I understand how the saves work, it’s either going to be really easy to make, or really impossible, depending on die roll. And that’s screwy.

‘sides. That’s why we have mages.

And next week, we gather together to make characters for the new game. We’ll see how that goes. It’s going to be level 1. I haven’t been level 1 in like a decade.

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