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Because I find this blog fairly interesting. Must remember to get back there at some point.

On another note, today, in the “I’ve been awake since like 11 am on what was technically yesterday” sense of the term, sucked. This has been one of those terms where I’m not even remotely prepared for anything at all, despite the desperate longing to be so prepared, and despite vague motions to actually attempt something approximating real preparedness. On occasion, you get your face rubbed in your lack of preparedness, and today was That Day.

I should start by noting I had like 6 hours of sleep. One day I will learn to better regulate my sleep habits, but the fuzziness of schedules here in undergradland doesn’t really lead itself well to that sort of thing. Ah well. In any case, I had all of about 2 hours to study for my poli sci midterm at 1, catch a shower, and get some caffiene into the system. I thought about eating, and honestly, I’ve been absolutely STARVING lately for some reason utterly beyond me, but hey, who has the time?

As it turns out, said midterm consisted of questions that I had either A, read the book for, or B, hadn’t read the book for, but understood at a pretty decent level. Because, well, explaining the differences between libertarian capitalism, socialism in the communist sense of the word, and welfare statism (otherwise known as the fuzzy blend between Marechalian “rah rah sweatshops!” libertarian capitalism and Soviet “yeah, bread lines rule!” communism practiced by most of the world), really isn’t that hard. Oh well. It’s a 200 level class. I shouldn’t be surprised. Back in the day, I used to do this sort of thing all the time. Apparently in the last year or so, I picked up some good study habits. Scary, really.

Anyway. I sort of belatedly realized at that point that I hadn’t read Conrad’s Heart of Darkness for my 7pm 19th century Europe class, and hey, maybe I actually, yknow, should, especially since the attendant 450 word paper is part of like, 27% of my grade. So I did, it being only like 70 pages, and wrote the paper. I don’t recommend the book, incidentally. Or our resultant lecture on imperialism, actually. That blog thread we had here covers it in slightly more detail than what we appeared to get. And as to Conrad, well, yes, contemporary views on imperialism is important. Unfortunately, my tolerance for the prose style of the turn of the century in a book written without a great deal of chapter or paragraph breaks is pretty damn low. It’s one of my great problems with the 19th century, right up there with the whole stuffy conservative Marechalian feel (Hi Marechal!) to the whole thing.

This is, of course, why I am currently taking two courses dealing in the 19th century. Because as we know, I’m a glutton for punishment.

Speaking of which, prospectus and annotated bibliography for my Abe Lincoln class is due Thursday, which I obviously haven’t started yet. $NUMBER paged paper due for PS on Friday, which I NEED to make. And I REALLY need to get my airline tickets, and me without a concrete plan yet.

And I’m really hungry, dammit. And nothing’s open. And I want to go to bed anyway. So I think I will. Nyah.

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avatar Comment by Whir #1
February 17, 2004 at 6:37 am

Hm. I have to read Heart of Darkness for my Comp class. That’ll come up in a few weeks. I wasn’t looking forward to it, being that I abhor any sort of writing from that time period, but now I’m looking forward to it less. Thanks.

avatar Comment by toasty #2
February 17, 2004 at 2:57 pm

I actually read that comment missing the “less” first. Funny how linebreaks work…

Um, yeah, sleep+caffeine is nuts I recently found out, so assuming you’re addicted to caffeine, stay away from sleep :p