American Gods
By Dwip May 31, 2004, 11:49 am Comments (4) RSS Feed for this post

I wish I could say that I had a good weekend, but of course I had a fairly miserable one – coughing and hacking up bits of green crap, the usual fun of being sick. Still, I felt well enough to go back to school today, which resolved itself in an excessively random coughing fit in the bathroom at AHA, which turned out to be the coughing fit of the gods – went on for a good five minutes, brought tears to my eyes, the whole deal. Also left me standing there with one of those feelings one gets from time to time, along the lines of “I’m standing in a tiny little trapezoidal bathroom, painted red, and furnished in the 1930s or something. I’m coughing like mad for no reason whatsoever. This is just the slightest bit bizzare.” And then I got up and walked out and carried on with the day.

Anyway. Being sick aside, I did a few things this weekend. Worked on some CC2 maps nobody is ever likely to see. Played some really fun games of Medieval Total War, which although they aren’t quite of the same scale as Conrad II fighting off the entire Italian/Hungarian army all by himself in The Holy Roman Emperors, were still fairly epic. Hours long epic warfare with Khan, that sort of thing. All very entertaining, in that “Oh, he’s shooting me with legions of horse archers, and all I have are spears” sort of way.

Also, I read a lot. Sharpe’s Havoc I’m not going to talk about a lot, because it’s a Sharpe novel and because I thought Sharpe’s Rifles and Sharpe’s Eagle were better. Still good, though, and I’ve already got the next three books in the series to keep me occupied. This is, I think, the point where I mention that I like to read a lot when I haven’t got school tying me down.

Also, I read a book by one Neil Gaiman, by the name of American Gods. Just finished it, in fact, which means this is probably a bad time to be writing about it because I haven’t entirely digested it yet. Not, mind you, that I’m sure I’ll ever entirely digest it, because daaaaaaaamn was that book strange. Strangest book I’ve ever read, I think. And I pretty much had no idea what was going on the entire time I was reading it. And yet it was somehow very good. Haven’t quite got a handle on that yet. Had a lot of things to say, too, which I similarly haven’t quite got a handle on. One of those sorts of books. Anyway, you should probably read it. Mine is, as my host dad Paul said, not the best enticement to read it one can hear, but what the hell.

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Comments on American Gods
avatar Comment by Rachael #1
May 31, 2004 at 1:56 pm

Yeah, I’ve been thinking of taking up M:TW again too… I miss being able to time catapults to pummel gobs of infantry and chase down fleeing Frenchmen with horsies.

avatar Comment by toasty #2
May 31, 2004 at 2:32 pm

MTW rocks. A lot. I’ll be reinstalling it pretty soon hopefully (it sucks that you have to reinstall everything after formatting. Takes so long :s)

avatar Comment by Whir #3
May 31, 2004 at 5:48 pm

Try and download “Snow, Glass, Apples” by Gaiman. Very twisted take on sleeping beauty. And it’s short.

avatar Comment by Regina #4
June 2, 2004 at 7:14 pm

Remember my friend Allie? You should ask her about American Gods. She loves Neil Gaiman. And Terry Pratchett. She’s the one who got me into Terry Pratchett.

P.S. Next up is Good Omens. That is one funny book.