By Dwip July 21, 2004, 1:46 am Comments Off on Alien RSS Feed for this post

Cole, your sheep do not care about you. They have left you here to die.

Cole, your sheep fall from the sky like broken birds.

Little in joke there. Also, Blue Shift is WAY the hell too short. Only took me 3 hours to beat. Ah well. Now I’ll just have to play Thief or something.

Also, a slight bit of info, for those of you who actually email me: Email is changed to dwip at afkmud dot net, for values of net = com. And the spammers in the audience can just go fuck themselves. It doesn’t need to be longer, and it doesn’t need to be harder. I don’t need any more xanax. I don’t need to refinance my house or my car. I already HAVE a degree.

But back to the subject at hand. I rock with the SVD. That will be all.

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