Signal to Noise
By Dwip July 30, 2004, 6:06 pm Comments (2) RSS Feed for this post

Fucking comment spammers. I just spent the better part of four hours deleting about 800 comments stretching all the way back to the very beginning of this blog and banning about 40 IPs. A bit less than fun. The side effect from that is that nobody can reply to old posts now. Not that people really did, but there are a few gems in there.

The best part of this is, they weren’t even GOOD spammers. I mean, “gopher exploit?” Gopher is like, so 1991. Or “reality porn videos.” Reality porn? As opposed to what? Blow up doll porn? Stick figures?

Whatever. The BFV 1.1 patch is out, and that’s good, except how it’s not in various points.

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Comments on Signal to Noise
avatar Comment by Rachael #1
July 30, 2004 at 10:10 pm

Hey now, never underestimate the entertainment value of some good stick-figure porn. Trust me, when you’ve seen pretty much all the porn there is to see on the net, you start welcoming deviations from the norm.

Ahhhh, the sweet, sweet milk of overshare. *wipes off her chin*

avatar Comment by Griselda #2
August 1, 2004 at 12:53 am

Maybe you should spam them with not-porn. Just whip up a bot that goes to their sites and posts, “Very nice site,” but when they click the link, it takes them to an analysis of self-research vs. tech purchase in different versions of Civ3. That would learn ’em! :P

Seriously, though, welcome back! Stop by and see the new place sometime. :)