All Apologies
By Dwip September 2, 2004, 4:55 pm Comments (2) RSS Feed for this post

As was so aptly pointed out by Laurent in a comment to the last post, I need to actually, you know, reply to my email once every so often. I’ve been pretty lax about it lately. Sorry. I’ll see what I can’t do to correct that.

In a more general updatish type sense, I’d love to tell you witty and entertaining stories about my life, but I’m thinking that rather than make up a bunch of shit, I’ll just tell you that job hunting sucks, and being micromanaged by parental authority while doing so is even worse by large orders of magnitude. So the end result is that we all get pissed off and nobody acts altogether rationally, and it’s just not good. So my message to all you would-be job seekers is this: Sedate your parents.

That having been said, the OTHER reason I fell off the planet this week is because I picked up the Battlefield 1942 WWII Anthology, which along with BF1942, which you may or may not recognize as the predecessor to Battlefield Vietnam but in any case should recognize unless you’ve been stuck in the Sahara for a few years or something, along with the two xpacks, The Road To Rome and Secret Weapons of WWII, which reminds me an awful lot of this game, which should tell you an awful lot about how long I’ve been gaming. At any rate, except for the really annoying thing where sometimes shooting people in the head with the sniper rifle just up and decides not to work, it’s really fun. I’ve played all the 1942 maps, all the RtR maps, and enough Secret Weapons maps to know that the Bren LMG is my god. The MP, as you may already know, is pretty entertaining, which is to say that while being the Germans on the Omaha Beach map is much harder when there’s one of you versus two other humans, one of whom is way way better than you (and the other is Whir, who as we all know couldn’t find me in a bunker and stood there and got shot a bunch by my sniper rifle anyway), clever application of sniping techniques can turn a rout into a pretty close game. Just take my word for it.

Also I’ve been watching Band of Brothers again. The reasoning may well be obvious.

As to books, I read Bernard Cornwell’s Heretic, which finishes off his Grail Quest series and which wasn’t as good as you may have hoped, given the awesomeness of the other two (which is to say it was one of those “Well, I could write this, or I could be writing something I care about. Let’s rush this one, shall we?” type books). Also I read some Harry Turtledove book that I don’t even remember the name of, it was that forgettable.

Beyond those, the reading list continues to mount. I’m halfway through John Julius Norwich’s history of Venice, who you may recognize as the guy who wrote some books on Byzantium that I rave about every so often. There’s also Band of Brothers, Paris 1919, A History of the Ancient World, and A People’s History of the Supreme Court for history reading. For entertaining reading, there’s a couple of Bourne books yet to go, the Da Vinci Code because it’s just me and that guy in Brazil who haven’t read it yet, and Tom Clancy’s Debt of Honor, because as I recall that was when Clancy didn’t suck. Or I could be wrong about that. My opinion of the man slips more and more every time I think about it.

There’s also this History of Naval Aviation that I’ve been going through. Because the airplane is cool invention. The cow was probably better, but the airplane does well for itself.

Anyway. I probably ought to get some email written.

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Comments on All Apologies
avatar Comment by Rachael #1
September 3, 2004 at 1:17 pm

Wait, were you an english major or a history major?

Either way, you have a problem with run-on sentences. It’s more fun to be all fragmented. Believe me. You will.

Make love to the period, Dwip.

avatar Comment by Regina #2
September 5, 2004 at 5:42 pm

Also that girl in Pennsylvania who hasn’t read the Da Vinci Code and doesn’t plan to, because she read Deception Point for school summer reading and didn’t finish it with a great opinion of Dan Brown.

I mean, if I want non-intense reading, I’ll read Terry Pratchett.