Will Work For Food
By Dwip September 21, 2004, 11:08 am Comments (1) RSS Feed for this post

Or minimum wage and awesome homecooked meals, as the case may be.

For those of you wondering how my weekend went, it was sort of like this. Friday and Saturday, there was much gaming, and it was good. Sunday, I rolled out of bed, and Cole and I went to work ripping up our front deck, which you may or may not know is like 20 years old and made of untreated lumber, which as you might expect sort of rots after 20 years in wet climates, which in turn leads to fun adventures like walking across it and suddenly not having a deck beneath you anymore. So clearly it was time for it to go, and clearly we were the ones to be ripping it apart.

Sunday promised itself to be a nice day, a good day, a day of sunshine and fluffy bunny rabbits and such. But no. Instead we got out there, set up, and started working, and the sky opened up and it rained a lot. Rained beyond the mortal comprehension of rain. So you could say we got sort of wet. But we kept going, pausing only to get hats so we could see what we were doing. And we got going pretty good – front stairs gone, five feet or so of the main deck gone, and…the saw shorted out. Well, that sort of killed that. Because, you know, pulling boards out rusty nail by rusty nail, bolt by bolt, just isn’t happening these days. We go for sections around here.

And it all ended up about like this. (I’m me, Cole’s Cole, and the tractor is the tractor. And it’s a lot wetter than you think it is.)

So, that ended that. And let me tell you, when you’re soaking wet and tired and hungry, no other shower in your life up to that time can possibly compare with the shower you take after that, and the food, well, the food will be awesome, and it won’t hurt if it’s the forementioned homecooked meal.

And then, well, I went and gamed, because we do that around here.

So Monday, we got going again, to a much much nicer day. A dry day. A good day to be working. And there was much ripping up of decks. First we finished with the straight part of the deck, and that wasn’t bad. And you will note three things from that picture: First is our friend the saw. Second is that mud pit over at the far end where the stairs used to be, and that fern, which nearly killed me more than once Sunday. Third is the bit under the deck, still retaining marks from whatever made it all smooth in 1982 or whatever, which was much nicer, if still muddy, to work on. There was a bit at the end of the straight part where the deck turns into an angle, and that was sort of a pain in the ass, but we threw it over the front planter, and it gave up fighting.

By contrast, taking out the main stairs wasn’t nearly so hard. And actually, the rest of it went fairly well, after we sawed it up into slightly more managable chunks than half the deck sized ones. Not that they were, you know, small chunks or anything. Also, you will note our friend the tea there.

The deck having been dealt with, we got to pile it all on the back of the tractor’s little 2.5′ by 2.5′ carry deck and take it over to the burn pile, Cole riding on the back like, to paraphrase him, “some sort of hick version of Ben Hur.”

And that was that. And the shower was Good. And the food was, well, even better. And the sleep, well, I slept for 13 hours, and it was good too. Still sore, but hey.


And I forgot to mention half the good stuff, too. Like how, at the burn pile, we got the tractor stuck, and spent like 15 minutes trying to get it out of the muddy pit we stuck it in. Or how the construction of the deck was sort of baffling, ranging as it did from triple-bolted posts and pointless but belligerent tack strips to entire sections being held up by random 2 by 8s stacked on top of each other. Or how, in the salvage operations, we collected the following: Potting soil; a fertilizer spray can; a can of Bud Light from the ’80s; a Folger’s coffee tin; an old Tonka truck; a toy version of one of the Ghostbusters’ guns; and a salamander.


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Comments on Will Work For Food
avatar Comment by Rachael #1
September 23, 2004 at 6:49 am

OooOoOOoOooo, it’s like a veritable time capsule, right there under your deck.

A notion, by the way, pretty much foreign to those of us who never spend more than a couple of years in the same place. “Hey look! Here’s a pair of ‘fat pants’, stuck behind the washer and covered in 2 inches of purple lint!”

Nope, just not the same as a 20-year-old beer can.