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On the one hand, I’d sort of like to talk about the last presidential debate, but there’s really not much to say. Kerry did all the good Kerry things, Bush did all the bad Bush things, except this time he didn’t rampage on the moderator. And anyway, Fafblog does it better. Much better.

Or I could talk about the Pentagon Papers, complete with quotes, but since I didn’t bring in the first volume from the car, you all are SOL.

Or I could settle for saying that we played Mechwarrior last night, and it was a sealed booster, and I got the best 3 packs I have ever pulled, not to mention THE best pack I have ever pulled, complete with 2 Falcon Sylphs, a Falcon Kelswa, and Ichiba Pryde who’s only like the second best Falcon mech ever. And my other packs had other good things, like the Highlander Warhammer (of Doom). And using my Highlander Warhammer (of Doom), I caused hurt upon my badly armed opponents who drew not well, and I thusly won the tournament, and got a nifty prize, and then traded my Highlander Warhammer (of Doom) for Clara Parks, who is shiny and happy and good and causes much joy amongst the small forest animals (who as we all know are rabid Liao partisans because those Davions are all bastards, damn them all anyway).

But since nobody here gives a damn about Mechwarrior, so I won’…damn. Oh well. Put the tar away. And the feathers. Right now.

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October 14, 2004 at 6:46 pm

My robot is bigger than yours.