Grand Theft Donkey
By Dwip December 12, 2004, 2:32 am Comments (4) RSS Feed for this post

Apparently somewhere in here I gained a year. Maybe I threw a party of sorts, too. And maybe we played some D&D. Maybe it was even the debut of Tharavel.

So, apparently people about half understood what I was trying for in the world, which considering the monumental task, works out ok I guess. So we end up with Cole’s dwarf ranger, Brian’s dwarf barbarian, and Jason’s elf druid and elf wizard, who turns out to be important since he’s the son of a local noble in the elf duchy of Vatan, and that’s where the game is.

The whole thing is, the wizard just got called home from studying abroad because he’s needed at home due to the giant war going on. So play starts about the time they land in a port on the northern edge of the duchy. Where the elves talk to the nobles about some transport, and the dwarves…

Well, the dwarves went to go steal a couple donkeys. So these dwarves go wandering around to various farms, wherein they accost the farmers for any donkeys they may have, and I (in my best hick accent) tell them yea or nay on donkey prospects. Well, eventually, they find a donkey owned by some farmer, whereupon Brian’s like “I sneak up behind the farmer and cleave him with my axe.” You’re chaotic neutral? Well, ok, I guess. Farmer drops, they jack the donkey. “Oh, he’s got chickens, too? Well, we snag those. Let’s go to the next farm.” One dead farmer and wife later, they’re up two donkeys, ten chickens, a goat, a wagon, and 20 silver or so. The guards score a whole 1 on the check to be suspicious, and Jason’s character, well, he’s got an 8 wisdom. So Grand Theft Donkey pretty much works out.

But, as they trek overland to the warfront, I’m nice enough to attack them with bandits, who succeed in shooting down Cole’s dwarf, spooking the donkeys into running away, knocking out the druid, and almost killing the other two before the mage saves the day with a pair of sleep spells. So the now donkeyless party rests, heals, and makes it to the battlefront, where they are then sent off to the mage’s hometown to run the place.

This’ll be fun. But Grand Theft Donkey. Aeeyah.

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Comments on Grand Theft Donkey
avatar Comment by Whir #1
December 12, 2004 at 4:50 am

Okay, you win.

Happy birthday by the way. Just think, soon you’ll be through puberty!!

avatar Comment by Regina #2
December 12, 2004 at 10:30 am

Happy birthday!

avatar Comment by Clyos #3
December 12, 2004 at 1:41 pm

Yeah, happy birthday :P not that i didn’t say that in person already, and i’ll remember to snag you a belated gift.

avatar Comment by Marechal #4
December 15, 2004 at 2:16 pm

Whir! You’re soooo mean. I like it. Buwhahaha.

Seriously, though, Marius. What, like, 25? Come on, now.