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The new support vehicle construction rules in the Battletech Combat Equipment Guide are way too much fun. So far, since getting the book, I’ve made 2 different helicopters, 2 assorted naval vessels (Because we all remember The Boat, right?), and a train.

Then there’s this:

Clan Monocycle of Doom:
  Weight: 100 kg (Monocycle, Ultra-light chassis)
  Engine: Fusion
    Cruise MP: 15 (162.0 km/h)
    Flank MP: 23 (248.4 km/h)
  Weapons and Equipment:
     Heavy Recoilless Rifle w/Advanced FCS (2 shots)
  Cost: 4,789 C-Bills
  BV: 81

Yes, Virginia, they do make 29 kg fusion engines in the future. And this is the Clans, so picture sticking an aerospace pilot in an armed version of one of these, and going off at 250 kilometers per hour. Yeah, the ride’s a bit bumpy, but you know.

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