Ph34r T3h Cute Ones
By Dwip July 22, 2005, 2:54 pm Comments (2) RSS Feed for this post

With the obligatory homages to Megatokyo and my desktop.

Also known as “Wai~ for detergent!” Yes, you pretty much had to be there. In fact, I’m sure that unless you’re Whir and maybe Cole, this entry will totally make no sense to you. Suffer.

So, as long time readers will know, I am addicted to Megatokyo. Despite its making a ton of references to assorted manga/anime, I have never felt overly compelled to pick any of it up. Possibly I fear turning into the second coming of Whir the Anime Zombie.

But then Fred’s like “I’m going to do a Haibane Renmei omake after Chapter 6 is done!” After a page or two of me going “Dude, this owns. I have GOT to watch Haibane Renmei now!” Whir hooked me up with a torrent for it.

So, the thing is like 3 gigs. Took me like 4 days to download. And let me tell you, my case fans are FREAKING LOUD AT NIGHT. So that part wasn’t so good.

But Haibane Renmei was good. It was in fact real good. Wings and halos and thinktastic plot, oh my. But the voices were high pitched and annoying. That was bad. But the rest was super cool. I liked it, in other words. You should watch it. I’d say more, but anything I said would probably ruin it. Except that Reki is cool. Yay Reki.

So, sort of like Lay’s potato chips, you can’t just watch one, so Whir’s like “Here, watch Gunslinger Girl.” and I’m like “Well, ok.” Because, you know, cute little cyborg girls with automatic weapons who kill people and then sit around talking about random girl stuff while cleaning weapons? Tell me you see the amusement potential there. Or maybe you don’t. If you don’t, just watch out for cute little girls with instrument cases, is all I’m saying.

So yeah. GSG was cool too. But talk about your high maintenance girlfriends.

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Comments on Ph34r T3h Cute Ones
avatar Comment by Whir #1
July 22, 2005 at 3:20 pm

Kowai and kawaii at the same time.

avatar Comment by suz #2
July 23, 2005 at 12:36 pm

speaking of cultural indonctrination…