Musical Doubletakes
By Dwip October 7, 2005, 3:18 am Comments Off on Musical Doubletakes RSS Feed for this post

For the BT fans among you, I just had to write down every single warship and aerospace fighter in Clan Snow Raven. Let me assure you that there are a lot of them. It took me all day. Some people need to think a LOT harder before writing rules, let us say.

Anyway. So, in previous episodes, we have learned that Our Hero, whilest semi-gainfully employed at the library, can pull things off the shelf and check them out. In this week’s episode, we note that Our Hero can do this with CDs, whereupon he returns to Monroe with a Donnas CD, a Kings of Leon CD, and a 4 disc Ozzy Osbourne set. Thus further leads Our Hero to note two things of vital importance to all mankind, namely:

1. I should not, upon inserting your company’s music CD in my CD drive, not be able to listen to the CD immediately. If I get weird splash screens or anything that requires me to agree to anything or have anything installed, you have done something VERY WRONG, such that it will put in jeopardy your ever having me buy your product.

Rabbit don’t go for that shit, as it were.

2. So, we’re here listening to this Ozzy thing, and we get…


“Miss Piggy! Welcome!”

“Ozzy Osbourne? Boy did I open the wrong door.”

And a bit of other dialogue, which leads us into Ozzy doing Born to Be Wild.

The next track I can only describe as some sort of bizzare fusion of electronica, rap, and rock, which despite the coming together of black men rapping and Ozzy doing backup vocals, is actually pretty good.

Then we get some random stuff. And then, without any warning whatsoever, Ozzy starts doing…Stayin’ Alive. As in, the Beegees. Ah ah ah ah stayin’ alive, and all that.

Yeah. Just think about that for a few. I’m going to bed.

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