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Because I guess people want me to be posting stuff, or something.

Well, ok. Let’s see here…

1. Civ IV – this game owns, for all applicable values of owningness. If you take almost everything that was ever good about any Civ game ever, and put it in a game, you wind up with something about like Civ IV. About the only complaints I can possibly make of it is that the wonder movies in Civ II were better, and combat is still vaguely annoying to me, in that they tried to nerf stacks by use of collateral damage, and stacks weren’t particularly broken in the first place.

However, if another MP game with Whir comes down to me vs Mansa Musa racing for space, wherein Mansa gets way better land than me, and in fact if I ever see Mansa Musa in an MP game with Whir ever again, the results will not be pretty. Because it’s been like 3 games now and I’m tired of it.

Speaking of which, I’m in a couple of Succession Games: RB2c and RB3

Aside from Civ, well, there’s our friend the deck, which involves me screwing a lot of screws, drilling lots of holes, and moving lots of plastic boards, sometimes in the rain, and always in the cold. Because it’s November. Hopefully we get done by Christmas. Hopefully.

And for other entertainment, we’ve reentered that joyous phase from the days of yore, wherein I acquire two responsibilities, namely:

A) Doing every single chore in the house;

B) Finding a job.

And if I do A at all, I get yelled at for not doing B, and if I don’t do A, I get yelled at for not doing it. So there’s not a lot of winning there. Also, filling out job applications sucks. A lot. There seem to be MLS programs in interesting states, however, so there may yet be hope.

Now then, Borders.

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Comments on Lethargy
avatar Comment by Anonymous #1
November 14, 2005 at 8:42 pm

Stacks weren’t broken? Bringing in a single SOD of one type of unit, destroying everything, rinse and repeat, wasn’t broken?


We “fixed” a lot of things that people didn’t think was broken, though!

avatar Comment by Griselda #2
November 14, 2005 at 8:42 pm

Oops, that was me, in case you hadn’t guessed.

avatar Comment by Dwip #3
November 14, 2005 at 9:47 pm

“We “fixed” a lot of things that people didn’t think was broken, though!”

Yeah, but most of ’em were for the better, I think. The only ones that REALLY get me are the movies and combat. Which is probably some sort of record for perfection, equalled by…um…Morrowind, I think. And Ultima VII.

But ok. Stacks? Never an issue for me at all, at least in SP. I suppose in MP, you could find ways to break them, but I never really showed up for MP except for just now (more completed MP games than SP games!). Actually, I like that you don’t necessarily have to build one type of unit anymore. That was cool. But the rest…yeah, I dunno. There’s just something about Civ combat that’s never really clicked with me.

As to the movies, well, the Civ IV ones are nice pieces of animation, I guess, but come nowhere close to evoking the sort of feel and atmosphere of II’s movies. I used to build the Oracle and Marco Polo’s JUST to see the movies, I thought they were so good. IV could have had that, but even better. When I think of how cool the religion movies could have been, I weep. And II’s space win movie was clearly the most awesome ever. But I’ve got a lot of nostalgia for that movie.

Really small complaints about a fantastic game, though.

avatar Comment by Tim #4
November 14, 2005 at 10:49 pm

II’s movies did rock. I need

1. A new comp

2. Civ IV

3. A 36 hour day with 12 to myself to enjoy 1&2.

avatar Comment by suz #5
November 15, 2005 at 12:45 pm

Dwip needs:

1. To support Oregon’s economy by buying real, made-from-renewable-resources boards NOT shitty goddamn plastic using-up-our-non-renewable-resources “boards”

2. Quit whining about chores. (My only conclusion is that it’s a guy thing). I see you still have time to play your fancy-shamsey brand new game *grumble grumble*

avatar Comment by Dwip #6
November 15, 2005 at 1:45 pm

My, somebody’s happy today.

1. Blame my parents for the boards. I’m happy with the 1x4s we used on the other deck, personally.

2. My complaint isn’t so much the chores, which do need doing, as it is the A/B yelling thing, the bit where I’m stuck cleaning up messes that wouldn’t have been made in the first place if it wasn’t me doing cleanup, and this business where, if I’m gone for some reason, nobody else is going to take care of anything, but they’ll complain about. So I get annoyed.

On another note, applications with 50-100 strongly agree/agree/disagree/strongly disagree multiple choice questions such as “I am happy in big groups of people” and “I feel angry when courts let guilty people go free” are…dumb. I have GOT to get a real job.

avatar Comment by suz #7
November 16, 2005 at 5:07 pm

“Would your perception of suz’s grumpiness be mitigated at all by the fact that at the time she was tripping off reading the comment thread in Scalzi’s ‘Covenant Marrige’ post?”

strongly agree/agree/disagree/strongly disagree

but.. plastic boards. Ew. You need to talk to the parentals. They may stave off rot 500,000 yrs longer than wood BUT YOU CAN’T AVOID THE INEVITABLE!

avatar Comment by Dwip #8
November 17, 2005 at 12:41 am

Agree. Conservative religious fanatics, WTF.

At least the plastic boards don’t look like ass, which the treated office deck boards do, some 6 years later. And probably won’t look like ass for some time yet. And have various other entertaining qualities.

And at this point in my deck building career, I could pretty much give a shit, as long as I’m entertained in some fashion. And if it took less than 6 months to finish. And various other things of a sameness.