So we’re all hanging out
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So we’re all hanging out on the MUD…

You say ‘So, for today’s humor moment.’
You say ‘We’re all standing around doing work, and over the PA comes “Ron Jeremy, please dial 8130, Ron Jeremy.” about 5 times.’
Whir says ‘ROFL’
Samson says ‘I fail to see the humor’
Whir says ‘For some reason, I’m surprised you know who Ron Jeremey is.’
Whir says ‘Samson, OTOH, obviously doesn’t.’
Samson says ‘because I’m a heathen scum, of course’
Whir says ‘Or you don’t watch porn.’
Samson says ‘As if I care what their names are’
Whir says ‘It’s not that you don’t care what their names are, Mein Furher, it’s that everyone ever has heard of Ron Jeremy.’
Samson says ‘obviously not everyone. I dare you to ask on ichat if any of them know who it is.’
Whir says ‘They’re all Samson clones.’
Samson says ‘So are you. What’s your point?’
You say ‘You so walked right into that one.’
Whir says ‘I did, didn’t I?’
You say ‘In fact, it was more like running.’

So funny, on so many levels.

On that note, there’s some bizzare stuff going on at work. I mean, random people I went to HS with, sure. We’re only 20 miles from Monroe. But there’s this guy who looks JUST LIKE Whir. And another guy who looks just like some other people I know. AND there’s another Erik Wolfe in the plant somewhere, which was vaguely confusing when I heard “Erik Wuff, please dial 8130, Erik Wuff.” Because, as we know, no female older than 30 has ever pronounced my last name correctly, ever. Except my mother. But she’s had some practice.

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