Rabbits On Film
By Dwip March 6, 2006, 8:53 pm Comments (3) RSS Feed for this post

Though no rabbits were, in fact, filmed in the making of this post, I’ve still got Duran Duran stuck in my head. Thanks, Speed Grapher. Thanks, Whir.

More on those in a minute. First, a word from our Battletech sponors. Remember: In the 31st century, life is cheap. Battlemechs are expensive.

This is why, in Friday night’s BT game against Cole, I found myself, in our long-delayed debut of the epic Bridge War map, facing off against, yes, 4 Warhammers and an entire reinforced battalion (15 platoons) of 0 gunnery elite jump rifle infantry riding unarmed VTOL transports, who dropped all over the place in my backfield and annoyed my side a lot. And then, after my guys killed all the infantry, it turned into a replay of that whole 1986 with AC/5s quote, except with AC/2s. Seriously, it was totally FUBAR. My entire lance of C3i-networked, ER PPC-carrying Thugs? Can’t hit the broad side of a barn. My random Partisan AA tanks, on the other hand, consistently need 10s to hit with AC/2s, and consistently hit with them, and miss with their big guns. Which is how I ended up with something like 3 double ones torso crits that did massive internal damage. It was beyond bizzare.

Much, I assure you, like Speed Grapher, which is an anime, not to change the subject or anything. And all I want to say about that is it reminds me of Fight Club meets Eyes Wide Shut meets comic books. And if you can reconcile all of that, you’re probably doing better than I am. Strange show. Strange.

You should remember to enjoy anime in a normal way. Normally.

…Which is why I’ll be rewatching Serial Experiments: Lain next.

On another note, been reading a lot of manga lately, since I saw Neon Genesis Evangelion in the check-in pile at the library the other week, along with Cowboy Bebop. And, well, I dunno. Manga’s either hit or miss with me, it seems. Ranma? Cool because of Panda Dad. Ghost in the Shell? Kinda ok. Cowboy Bebop (either manga series)? Enh. But Neon Genesis Evangelion? Awesome. Makes me want to watch the series, which will be…right after Lain, in fact.

This makes me think that, if my theory holds true and any given anime series is 10x better than its manga, NGE is going to be friggin’ cool. And I’ll probably hate Shinji 10x as much, but who saw that coming?

Application of this theory to a hypothetical MT anime is left as an exercise for the reader.

…yes, I realize this entire post made no sense to anyone. But think on the bright side – I ALMOST talked about that bad old days of area building for MUDs. Maybe I will this weekend. I’m sure you can’t wait.

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Comments on Rabbits On Film
avatar Comment by Clyos #1
March 8, 2006 at 4:44 pm

It shall be noted here that for most of that time when Erik was attacking my infantry that my warhammers should have, in fact, killed his entire side, but my side decided that 8’s were far too high a number to hit so I proceeded to roll 7’s. This in turn, led to the downfall of the minnesota tribe.

avatar Comment by Whir #2
March 11, 2006 at 11:25 pm

Minnesota always loses.

avatar Comment by Clyos #3
March 13, 2006 at 4:40 pm

to quote a black man “sho nuff”