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So I was going home yesterday, and I went across the railroad tracks, and I’m most of the way across when I realize the gates are lowering. This is multiple times I have done this now. Without even noticing. Only at CC.

Also for today:

Times tape balls thrown at: Too many to count
Times hit in glasses with tape balls: ~10
Times poked in ass by random objects held by Carlos: Way too many to count
Panels sanded: Multiple hundreds
Times someone said “fuck”: Numbers do not go that high

And a scene from break, wherein we are talking about Phantom Menace:

Everyone: Yeah, that movie sucked. It sucked hard.
Shanna: Yeah, but at least it had Jar-Jar in it. That was redeeming.

*time stops as everyone turns to look at Shanna*

Everyone: Uh…no.
Shanna: What’s wrong with Jar Jar?
Everyone: Where do we even start?

Though to his credit, Jar Jar didn’t randomly fly the spaceship to the other spaceship by hitting random buttons, shoot down a bunch of guys, then blow up the enemy ship, all hitting said random buttons.

And on a rather heartening note:

Pam: *throws bag of gummi worms on table, leaves*
Everyone: *eyeing gummi worms*
Me: Yeah, that was dangerous. *starts eating gummi worms*
Everyone: *joins in*
Pam: *comes back* Where’d my gummi worms go? You didn’t eat them, did you Erik?
Me: Actually…
Pam: Oh well, you never eat anything, so it’s ok. Besides, I only have a week to fatten you up! Want some chips or some donuts or something?

So we see that I have discovered the secret to free food. However, deer cavortation still eludes me. And CC is still to cheap to get some robot slaves.

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