Mr. Rabbit’s Neighborhood
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So I’ve been promising various people (hi Mom, hi Dad!) a glimpse at what scenic Hamden, CT actually looks like, and what exactly I’ve gotten myself into here. Today, as it happens, is your lucky day. I have a fair bit about Neverwinter Nights 2 I want to say, but I’m going to wait on that until I finish it.

So let’s start with school pictures, since I took those first, back in August. Campus was really the first thing I found, see, oddly enough since getting to SCSU from either interstate isn’t exactly trivial. But anyway, I spent about a week hanging out at school and then living in a hotel.

It turns out that we have a duck pond. Among other things. One of the things I like about SCSU is that it’s kind of like an island of awesomeness and tranquility in the midst of New Haven, which is a slum, and which you won’t be seeing pictures of, really, because I don’t REALLY want to go walking the streets. It’s just that side of shady.

The main bit of SCSU. The tan building with lots of glass is the Adjanti student center, which is brand spanking new and has all sorts of things including a Dunkin Donuts. Now, Oregon readers might ask “Why is that such a big deal?” It’s a big deal because Dunkin Donuts is seriously the national religion of Connecticut. It’s really crazy. It doesn’t look all that big, but the student center is actually the main food court, bookstore, a computer lab, a ballroom, and several meeting rooms and offices. It’s tricksy.

And this is Buley library, which is where I more or less spend all my time on campus. Which I know is an amazing thing for a library science student, but. Fourth floor is where the library science folks call home, and most of our assignment doing takes place on the other three floors. Currently, the library isn’t a patch on, say, Valley Library at OSU, but the construction going on in the background should fix that by about the time I leave.

Now, to the house pictures. Hamden’s a lot nicer than New Haven, believe you me. Day I moved in, I hung out and watched some guys throwing football and playing basketball in the streets. Goes on all the time.

And that’s the house. Built sometime in the 1920s. 2 real floors, a basement, and an attic, which is where I and Pierre the landlord live. The dormer with the two windows up there at the top? That’s me. My car is right next to the gate and the back door, which is the only way up to where I’m at.

This is Warren Street, which runs between North and First and is the handy parking place. You have to be a bit careful pulling out, because people DO round that corner, and spend about a block going 40 mph. CT driving at its finest.

Looking east along First Street. If you follow it about three blocks, you come to Dixwell Avenue, which has more or less everything in Hamden on it, plus runs straight into downtown New Haven, which is handy.

Looking west along First Street. Following this takes me to Eli Whitney Technical High School and thence to SCSU on school days. Most of the neighborhood is 1920s duplexes/row houses/whatever. Just this side of run down, but not bad. Well-patrolled by the cops, 5 minutes from school, and right next to Dixwell and all the shopping, so I’m happy with it.

Now for the house.

Amazing how much you can fit in a car, really. That’s from the first night I was here, back when I was living on second floor because the third wasn’t remodeled yet. Wasn’t a bad room, but as Sarah pointed out to me, third floor has a lot more character.

These are the Stairs of Doom between the first and second floors. Very narrow, twisty, and very very dark at night, which can be lots of fun. There’s a light switch for lights on the stairs at the bottom, which is great, but the light switch at the top is actually inside the second floor apartment, which works not so well, unless you want to leave the light on all night.

We’ll bypass the second floor landing and balcony and go straight upstairs. These are the Carpeted Stairs of Doom, which are much nicer than the Stairs of Doom, except you see that third stair down? It’s kinda fun when you forget about it and it’s dark.

We’ve had lots of fun getting things up those stairs. Such as the fridge, for example. That thing was the most monstrous pain in the ass to get up from street level, believe you me. We eventually had to cut it out of the box to get the necessary inch or so to get it around the corner.

And here’s the kitchen. The bit that goes around the corner to the right there is the stairs. Door on the right leads to the bathroom. Note the gas stove, which actually isn’t as bad to cook on as I feared. All the appliances are brand new, which is very nice.

The most amusing bathroom in the world. Note how the ceiling does that really dramatic slope down like that? Yeah. Let’s take a look at how the shower that’s hiding behind the door handles that.

Strange angle, but yeah, the shower gets a little…cramped, shall we say. And the hot water works backwards, so that it’s really hot when you first turn it on, and cold the further you turn it. A little strange, but not bad once you get used to it.

Going back to the kitchen, here’s the hallway to the bedrooms. Pierre’s room is at the end of the hall, and me and the hall closet are on the left. The skylight-looking thing is actually a panel you can take out to get on to the roof.

And the bedroom, featuring the Futon of Orangeness, which my department chair, Dr. Sche, was nice enough to give me. I keep my air mattress on top of it, which I then flip up to make the world’s best sprawling couch.

Most of the other two walls are taken up by bookshelves. I actually need to get another one to put where the filing cabinet is, to hold all the CDs and game boxes and suchlike.

This concludes our tour.

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