Mi Mi Miracle Mikaru-rin
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I’m just going to blatantly copy Whir’s latest post, here.

First, however, a message from our sponsors: Enjoy sleep in a normal fashion, normally.

If you thought that that was my favorite line from Fumoffu, you’d be mostly right. “Fumoffu!” beats it out, but only because it’s accompanied by the appearance of Bunta-kun, who wins all comedy known to mankind. However, if he didn’t win something, it would likely be won by Suzumiya Haruhi, whose anime wins on enormous levels. Just trust me on this.

I also watched the Shogun miniseries again. As many of you know, I like the story just a little bit. A touch. Some. Maybe. All I’m saying. Except that one of these days I want to own a katana.

Anyway. Moving on to the true purpose of this entry, which is to be annoyed at BF2 a lot. Let us examine:

It’s not so much that the guns aren’t accurate, because they actually ARE half the time, unlike in BF1942, where you had to aim slightly high to the left in order to snipe guys, which maybe worked. The real issue is that when you shoot them, it does no damage to them. Which leads to me shooting guys 8 times in the face with an M4 to put them down, and never mind hitting guys on burst. The bots seem to be a lot better at overcoming this, which annoys Whir to no end.

Even prone, the SAW and RPK are useless. You may as well not even be shooting at guys they’re that bad.

They made the choppers a lot harder to drive, let alone jets, and I’m pretty sure the blast radius on rockets is a bit larger than 2 feet. Seriously, you’re better off with hand grenades.

I seriously, seriously miss having a good battle rifle like the M14 or FN FAL. I miss being able to aim and actually hurt guys. The M16 tries, but.

But be that as it may, that’s not really what I wanted to complain about. What I actually want to discuss are the maps, which are, well, way too damn big, and way too vehicle-ridden to be super fun. This is basically true 90% of the time. As Whir notes, it’s seriously unfun to trek halfway across the universe to get to some base, and then get shot by a bot 30 seconds later and have to do it again.

There are exceptions to this. Strike at Karkand and Sharqi Penninsula are awesomely fun, but it’s pretty hard to go wrong with urban maps. Mashtuur City and Road to Jalalabad aren’t quite the greatest, but are still excellent. Kubra Dam is a great mix of infantry and vehicles, and may be, with Operation Hastings, one of the best maps of the sort in any of the games.

There’s 9 other maps, though. And another 6 in Euro Force and Armored Fury, of which EF’s Great Wall is awesome, and Taraba Quarry and Operation Smoke Screen are boring tank fests of the worst kind; while AF’s maps all fall into the “sorta ok” range. On the other hand, there’s Special Forces, whose 7 coop-capable maps are all fun, almost all the time.

Yes, I’m an infantry player. I make no apologies for that. Battlefield 2 has the potential to be a great infantry game, but for sheer excellent infantry action, Battlefield Vietnam is still the best game in the series. Actually, in all honesty, Battlefield Vietnam IS the best game in the series, and the only reason we aren’t playing it right now is because the AI in BF2 is that much better, technologically.

So, what do I want to do about this? Get some infantry maps. While I’d like to see almost any level from BFV, the ones that were funnest and most within my grasp to recreate in BF2 are Operation Hastings and both Hue maps. I would like to recreate both Quang Tri maps (the final word in awesome city combat), but lack the models. Something like Operation Flaming Dart would be awesome, and of our custom maps, Last Stand and Village Assault are both in reach and fun. Honestly, I thought BF1942s maps failed, most of the time, but I do miss Market Garden. Part of me wonders what Omaha Beach would be like in BF2, but then I remember how Whir slaughtered my ass at Dalian Plant last night, and I stop thinking about it.

Any work done on this will be despite the editor, which is basically shit, and I assure you that calling it that is a great disservice to shit. It’s seriously that bad, but that’s another rant for another time.

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