Redefining Our Relationships With Technology And Word-Usage Paradagims: An End-User Case Study
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[23:56] Dwip: And God damn all research papers anyway.
[23:57] Dwip: It’s a bunch of shit I can already talk about for myself.
[23:57] Dwip: But no, I have to have done research so I can blather about what other people have done.
[00:04] Dwip: All we’re saying, Internet, is give page loading a chance.
[00:22] Samson: That’s the Dwip I know!
[00:23] Dwip: *laugh*
[00:24] Dwip: I think I’ll wear Dad’s old RTS t-shirt to class. It’ll make just the statement I want.
[00:24] Dwip: Duck holding this hammer over a computer. Yes.
[00:25] Dwip: Patience, my RTS. Yes.
[00:25] Samson: :)
[00:25] Dwip: These look really useful, too.
[00:26] Dwip: I guess I’ll never know.
[00:26] Dwip: I bet I can do this fine at school.
[00:26] Dwip: DIE DIE DIE
[00:33] Dwip: Ok, look. Journal writers. From now on, you are forbidden from using words that nobody actually uses.
[00:33] Dwip: Also, if you write in sentences that actual humans might use, this would help.
[00:34] Dwip: And business publications? You are all unsalvagable. I suggest getting a nice warm bath going, get in, and slit your wrists.
[00:34] Dwip: Future generations will thank you.
[00:34] Samson: rofl
[00:35] Dwip: It’s sort of a pet peeve of mine.
[00:41] Dwip: “Impact of End User Computing on the Individual: An Integrated Model”
[00:41] Dwip: Yeah, you people are all fired.
[00:44] Dwip: “Users’ behaviour patterns in academic libraries’ OPACs: a multivariate statistical analysis”
[00:45] Dwip: Apparently written by people In Greece, if the first names Daphne and Aphrodite are any clue.
[00:45] Samson: I thought torture was illegal? :P
[00:45] Dwip: Those are actually pretty humane.
[00:46] Dwip: I found one yesterday that was pretty much 12 pages of technical marketing jargon.
[00:46] Dwip: It was really awful.
[00:46] Samson: and what was the point of the paper again?
[00:47] Dwip: For that one, I had to talk about improving customer service culture in libraries.
[00:48] Dwip: For this one, I have to talk about patron needs and enhancing the library catalogue to meet same.
[00:49] Samson: Heh. And the boringness of it all doesn’t bother you? Cause both of those sound like they’d put the rest of us to sleep :P
[00:50] Dwip: Actually they’re kind of interesting when I don’t need to write overwrought research papers on them.
[00:52] Dwip: “It is also particularly helpful in analyzing cross-tabular data in the form of numerical frequencies, and allows all associations amongst pairs of variables to be analyzed as well as each association between a variable and itself.”
[00:52] Samson: *dies*
[00:55] Dwip: Netscape Navigator, guys?
[00:57] Dwip: In summary, it can be said that the quality of searches is directly dependent upon the user’s experience and familiarity with the OPAC.
[00:57] Dwip: No fucking shit, Sherlock.

Because, and you may have noticed this previously, research papers inspire within me a certain level of incandescent rage at the process.

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Comments on Redefining Our Relationships With Technology And Word-Usage Paradagims: An End-User Case Study
avatar Comment by Sgt. B. #1
March 29, 2007 at 10:00 am

In ancient time human sacrifices were needed for important human events. In the 21st century it might be needed to sacrifice a computer once in a while to get another computer to do what you want. Just a thought.

avatar Comment by Suz #2
March 29, 2007 at 9:45 pm

You amuse me.

Toxicology journal articles are the exact same way.