The Other War
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I swear to you, BF2 is the most mod-unfriendly game I have ever seen in my life. I realize that much of this has to do with being concerned about cheating. However, this is ludicrous. Let’s hear it for installs, I guess.

On the other hand, it’s that much better than BFV in this regard, because BFV, well, it could be pretty bad.


In any case, allow me to commend a book unto you, called Japan At War: An Oral History by Haruko Taya Cook and Theodore F. Cook, which is, yes, an oral history of Japan during World War II. I found it to be a phenomenal book, covering as it does everyone from soldiers to workers to wives to the elite. Japan, Okinawa, the south, Manchuria, Korea, all are covered by someone’s story. It is not sympathetic to Japan, nor is it hostile. In the best historical tradition, it keeps a neutral note, and lets the people talk for themselves. Too, while covering the obvious topics (life at the front, life at home, the bomb, etc), it does not keep away from the hard topics – the brutality in China and towards prisoners (and to ordinary Japanese!), Unit 731, war crimes, and what have you.

It is also exceedingly well-written, both the narrative and the interviews. I felt the people were fairly represented (well represented, in fact). And they have some truly amazing stories to tell. I find, in general, stories from the war years pretty amazing, but these…

I’ve been looking for a book like this (something written from the other side’s perspective) for years now, and this is exactly what I was looking for. More than what I was looking for. If you see it, read it.

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