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Because I was reading about random panzers this morning for no real reason, got captivated by this thing and the concept, and ran with it in CBT support vehicles rules. The old ones, mind you, as I haven’t the new ones.

Type: Wiesel
Mass: 1,100 kg
Speed: 5/8 ICE (tracked, amphibious)
Range: 200 km
Armor: 6 points BAR7 (2 front, 1 L/R, 1 rear, 1 turret)
Weapons: See below (all have basic fire control)
Primary: 1x Support MG w/900 rounds, 1x Semi-Portable MG w/960 rounds
Cost 7,417

Alt A: 1x Support MG w/1200 rounds, 1x Light TAG w/Military Power Pack (40 shots)
Cost 48,802

Alt B: 1x Heavy Recoilless Rifle w/14 rounds
Cost 8,693

Alt C: 2x SRM Launchers w/24 rounds
Cost 17,074

Alt D: 1x Light Mortar w/26 rounds
Cost 6,120

Alt E: 1x Magshot Gauss w/High Capacity Military Power Pack + 100 rounds, 1x Heavy Grenade Launcher w/380 rounds
Cost 21,538

Alt F: 2 Corean Far-Shot LRM Launchers w/24 rounds
Cost 37,640

Everything but the E/F models is buildable with 3025 tech, and the other two are available come the late 3050s. It’s not an omni-vehicle, but may as well be – you could concievably keep some spare turrets around and just swap them out as needed. Come the 3050s, you COULD make it an omni, if you cared to, but.

The idea behind this is a cheap as hell infantry support tank/recon tank. 2 crew, 1 driver/1 gunner. The primary version has all kinds of concievable roles, being cheap and utterly destructive to any infantry it runs across. The A model swaps out the light MG for a light TAG unit for spotting, though the utility of that is perhaps minimal, considering fragility and cost. Considering that this is likely to go to planetary militias without huge arms budgets for Copperhead rounds, LGBs, and homing Arrow IV, well.

The B model is my favorite low-tech model, a good light tank that packs a hefty punch, versatile against both infantry and vehicles. A perhaps scarier version swaps out the underpowered heavy RR for the uber medium RR and adds another machine gun. The C model is what would be an anti-air version if such a thing existed in BT (which it sadly does not), but a pair of SRM-2s is still a hefty punch for something this size. The D model is very light artillery (read: VERY light), and given the crappy range of BT mortars, you’re probably better off going with the more effective B instead.

The E model is the Federated Suns special, built using FS-only tech, and is enormously ugly, considering. The Magshot Gauss rifle is the 800 lb gorilla of support weapons, utterly effective against vehicles, and the heavy grenade launcher is an automatic weapon that will deal with all of your infantry issues forever. Expensive, limited availability due to the scarcity of Magshots, but scary.

The F model is the Free Worlds League special, with a pair of Corean LRMs, which makes it the artillery platform the D model wants to be. Unfortunately, it’s really expensive.

Other Wiesel variants go unexplored here, as the various missiles don’t exist in BT, BT autocannons are much too large for a 1.1 ton vehicle (shrunk more than in half from the Wiesel’s 2.75 tons), and the radar versions are unworkable in BT (though a version with a radar sensor controller and up to 7 radar sensors (or 2 and a semi-portable MG and 200 rounds) could be done). The APC version is actually quite doable (albeit with the riders on the outside) with a single turreted MG, though why you would make it is beyond me. Ambulance and CP versions are impossible in effective BT rules, and while the cargo version is doable, at 135 kg it’s a little impractical.

Yes, you could probably invent the Humvee for even cheaper, but who cares, at the cheap costs for the 2 best low-tech versions.

You could also concievably make either a totally kick-ass fusion version or a totally kick-ass Clan version, but neither of these are likely.

Too, if I were actually building vehicles for my hypothetical IS infantry regiment, I’d likely double (or triple) the weight, give it actual military grade armor, and upgun the engine some, and maybe make it a 7 man APC all day every day. Said infantry regiment would also need a few other things, like an actual MBT, MASH vehicles, and some sort of organic air transport, probably VTOL or VSTOL fixed-wing aircraft able to carry however many of these vehicles or a 28 man infantry platoon (or two).

Yes, I’ve actually spent a fair amount of time on this particular subject. Don’t ask me why, because it’s never going to matter.

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Infantry. Because sometimes people inexplicably don’t want to drive mechs.