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A slightly out of context transcript from tonight’s D&D game, because playing Anglaspark the dragon was quite amusing for me.

Extraneous bits trimmed.

Wherein previously, Our Heroes have charmed an orc, questioned it, and sent it to summon the huge blue dragon Anglaspark to a parley…

*Anglaspark lands*
GM: So he’s a huge-sized dragon, bigger than a lot of buildings you’ve seen. Curious sort of look on his face. Little tarnished brass crown on his head.
Dinendal: Greetings Great Anglaspark!
Anglaspark: Why, adventurers! And you’ve charmed my orc! How CUTE!
*Anglaspark claps his forelegs together.*
joesf (Tanner): does he leap into the air to do it?
Erik: He kinda does, yeah.
Anglaspark: Now, who might you chaps be, and what the hell do you want?
Dinendal: I’m glad you find my parlor tricks amusing High One.
Dinendal: Well, we’ve been asked by the druids to investigate the rumors of a rampaging dragon.
Dinendal: And we’ve encountered a Blue recently that was…rude.
*Colbar Drukanen laces his fingers together and sways slightly*
Anglaspark: Rude blue dragons? Why, how…rude. Am I rude, orc?
Orc: Er, no master.
Dinendal: And your orc was telling us that you have been temporarily inconvenienced by the cult of the Dragon.
*Anglaspark snarls*
*Anglaspark roars*
Dinendal: Well, the Druid speaks rather highly of you and we’ld like to help you reclaim your original cave faster.
Chad (Dinendal): I’m trying to word it so that I never imply he’s not capable of doing this himself.
Dinendal: Yes, the rude one.
Anglaspark: Little bastard drove me out of my lair! I got that lair from daddy! And he took it!
*Colbar Drukanen lets out a yelp and falls to his knees*
Anglaspark: Him and his little snake toys!
Dinendal: Eactly, and that kind of behavior cannot be tolerated.
Dinendal: We are in agreement there.
*Anglaspark stomps the ground*
*Colbar Drukanen jumps back to his feet*
Dinendal: We’d lke to help. Is there any information about your lair that might be beneficial to our assault on him?
*Dinendal takes a step back. Looks around nervously*
*Anglaspark is hopping up and down in anger*
*Orc is looking really worried as he’s getting slightly crushed in the dragon’s paw*
Anglaspark: …what? Sorry. I get a bit angry, you know?
Anglaspark: It’s just that that lair meant a lot to me. Got it from daddy, you know.
Dinendal: No worries, Lord Anglaspark.
Dinendal: I would be angry too.
Anglaspark: Very nice lair. Soft dirt on the floor. Lots of room for my orcs to frolic. Grass for the cows.
Anglaspark: Scenic mountain vistas.
Dinendal: Would there be a way in that would allow us a greater chance of surprise?
Anglaspark: I WANT HIS HEART.
Anglaspark: …sorry, just…I get really worked up about it.
Anglaspark: …you were…saying something?
Dinendal: Yes, your lordship. We’d be in your debt if you had any information regarding the lair and perhaps a way for us to sneak in
*Orc squirms out of the dragon’s paw*
Dinendal: Or any information about the usurper.
Anglaspark: Oh, it’s…over there…a little ways. Just fly on ov…wait, humans. Forgot. You don’t have wings, do you.
*Anglaspark peers closely at Dinendal*
Dinendal: Not often, no
Dinendal smiles brightly at the dragon
Anglaspark: No, no wings. But maybe you have a map?
GM: Eclaire pulls out the map.
*Anglaspark peers really closely at the map*
*Orc saves the map after it blows off when the dragon breathes*
*Anglaspark pokes a talon into the map, leaving a hole*
Anglaspark: It’s about there.
Anglaspark: Can’t miss it. Lots of pillars and columns and things.
Anglaspark: Daddy was big on that sort of thing. Used to be king of Turmish, you know.
Anglaspark: Then I guess the humans all got mad at him or something.
Anglaspark: And then the humans killed daddy. I’ve always been sort of miffed about that.
*Anglaspark sticks his snout in Dinendal’s face*
Anglaspark: You wouldn’t have had anything to do with that, would you?
Dinendal: Never been to Turmish, Lord Anglaspark.
Anglaspark: …no, I guess not. That was a couple years before you.
Anglaspark: You’re not a hundred yet, are you?
Dinendal: Just 80 years shy of it myself.
Anglaspark: …I’m sending babies. Oh well.
Anglaspark: As long as you can toddle back with Viranalagasthos’ heart for me.
Dinendal: It would be our pleasure.
Anglaspark: …was there anything else? I’m really sort of hungry.
*Anglaspark thinks for a second*
*Dinendal fidgets a bit*
Anglaspark: …Would you like me to rip you off a hunk of ribs or a haunch or something? I don’t need the WHOLE cow, I guess.
Anglaspark: Wouldn’t want you to go off unfed, or anything.
Dinendal: A generous offer, but no, we should be going.
Anglaspark: And you’ve been awfully polite.
Anglaspark: Don’t often get humans who can speak properly.
Dinendal: That is a shame.
Anglaspark: It’s been a while, you know?
Anglaspark: Fellow gets lonesome for some good conversation.
Anglaspark: Ever tried talking to orcs for seventy years?
Dinendal: We should probably be on our way.
Anglaspark: Really tiresome. Really, really tiresome.
*Dinendal backs away at a respectable pace*
Anglaspark: …well, ok. If you insist.
Anglaspark: His heart, remember. I WANT HIS HEART.
Dinendal: Thank you for your time.
*Colbar Drukanen looks a litthe frightened and scurries off behind Dinendal*
Anglaspark: HEART.
*Anglaspark grabs the orc and flies off*

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