Summer In the City
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I did not, as was my plan, spend Saturday in the DMV taking care of business. This came as a surprise to me, as I’m sure it does to you, who in like fashion had no idea I was going to DMV, let alone anywhere else.

But let us quote a late Friday night conversation between Sarah and myself:

[23:33] TontoMarius: That having been said, I am frightfully bored off my rocker right now.
[23:34] serenadingwords: Well I think we can fix that.
[23:34] serenadingwords: You doing anything tomorrow?
[23:34] TontoMarius: I might be going to DMV, but probably not.
[23:34] TontoMarius: As I have no actual desire to wake up at 8am.
[23:34] serenadingwords: No, I think you want to wake up at 8 am.
[23:34] TontoMarius: Why might that be?
[23:35] serenadingwords: So you can come to NYC and we’ll go see the new Greece and Rome exhibit at the Met.
[23:35] serenadingwords: Howzat sound for a day plan?

The decision between a day in NYC with Sarah and a day of frustrating bureaucratical boredom in the DMV is, I can assure you, not at all hard, which is why after, let us be generous and call it 6 hours of sleep, I found myself on a train for Grand Central.

There comes a time in the life of everyone slightly new to a place, wherein watching people entirely new to the place react to it, the now-jaded semi-neophyte disparages them as being rank amateurs – n00bs, in the parlance of the age. And so it was that I, veteran New Yorker, looked upon those tourists who were snapping pictures everywhere. And then I looked around, and was pleased with my scenery. But didn’t take pictures, because, you know, I’m way too cool for that.


In the event, Sarah showed up, and she took me took me for lunch to Katz’s Delicatessen, which was described to me variously as “somewhere I had to go” and “they serve cow there! Warm cow!” Being, as I am, not one to turn down warm cooked cow, we went, we ate, and it was good. And I have a picture:

The signs:

– “Where Harry met Sally. Hope you have what she had!”
– “Send a salami to your boy in the Army!”

Following this, we went towards our stated goal of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And away from it, paralell to it, diagonal to it, and other assorted directions involving bus stops, subway stops, and my almost being killed in traffic, as is custom. And while Sarah actually saved me from this car, I am convinced that it was all an evil plot to lure me into her confidence for some unknown scheme. To get me killed by other, different traffic, no doubt.

In any event, we witness many sights on this journey, including:

An antiques store, which had a truly ludicrous number of lamps, and of course prompted that line from Roberto, “Oh, that? That’s just a shitty lamp.” But it was of course so much more, given such things as the radio in the background talking about reincarnation and how threatened we are by the end of the world in 40,000 years. Among other things.

Also this, which I guess was part of a larger message selling us tickets.

After an epic trek through the streets of Manhattan, which involved, variously, hostile Indians, the Quest For Water, more natives who I believe were attempting to trade for Sarah’s admittedly excellent shirt, the NYPD, and vendors of Chinese art, we arrived at the Met, which appears to be a large museum. As I witnessed only a small part of it in my hours there, I cannot honestly tell you, but it appears large. We took, oh, three odd hours to make it through the new Greek and Roman galleries, which I guess tells us something.

As always, I have many pictures, though I promise not as many as the 257 I apparently took in the British Museum, though the two are in many ways spitting images of each other, which I found slightly jarring at times in that “Didn’t I JUST see this?” sense.

This is part of the main hallway in the collection, along which is displayed much statuary and neat objects. See that column waaaaaaay in the back there?

Here it is, with Sarah in front. Part of it, anyway. It’s a tall column.

On the other side of that is a fairly large court, which I believe is done up to resemble one from where much of this stuff came, but I may be wrong. Also with assorted excellent statuary and the like.

Off to the side are assorted rooms, with a great multitude of Neat Objects, the like of which I have previously catalogued in my British Museum photography and won’t trouble you with again, except for the odd fresco and the like.

Such as these, which are cool.

And in slightly greater detail.

The benches on which we frequently relaxed to rest our aching muscles greatly fatigued by the epic journey previously were not so nice as this:

The collection has quite a lot of Greek vases, of which this is one, and caught my eye for the excellent detailing.

Also these jars, which are cool.

I gloss over much, here, including the many many jokes which are the outcome of putting a classicist and a historian with way too many pop culture references in the same place as a lot of ancient artifacts. There will be more evidence of this anon, but let me note a couple:

– There is, no shit, an ancient Greek vase with a drawing of Frodo on it. Halfling-sized, curly-haired, right down to the face. It was uncanny.

– In a moment of weakness, I noted that you could probably buy a particular Roman glass bowl for fairly cheap these days at Wal-Mart. No, I’m not proud of that.

– Both of us are more than a little large for hoplite armor, of which more evidence shall be presented to you anon.

Too, no photobloggery of the event would be complete without pictures of the Room Of Bad Photography, which existed to plague us at all opportunities and make us look awful. Sarah MAY have come away with an ok picture. I am skeptical.

In which I tell you, for the first and perhaps only time, to look at the art, not the girl.

And if you object, check this out:

I mean, where do we start? The bizzare expression on my face? My freakishly and inexplicably reddish hair? The awesome way in which the picture seems to blur EXCEPT on me, rendering my utter anti-photogenic nature perfectly? Truly, this is one of the better awful photos taken of me, made excellent by my spectacular aversion to cameras.

Fortunately, Sarah took other, better pictures of me. I also have hopes that I am not rendered permenantly damaging to human sight by the fact that Sarah DID spend all day with me. But since you all may not trust her judgement, I further note that much of my train trip back was spent playing peek-a-boo with a baby who seemed utterly fascinated by me. So we can hope.

As a postscript to our day, we found picnic-esque food (“Hey random apartment-dweller. Where’s a grocery store?”) and sat in Central Park enjoying the really perfect weather, an awesome park, and at least in my case, an ice-cold Coca-Cola.

But here, see for yourself:

The pool by which we spent our time, and:

The actual view from where we were sitting. Believe me when I tell you that the full-size image is even cooler.

And we went back to Grand Central, Sarah destined for other adventures today, and myself destined for a trip full of being amusement for a very small human.


Speaking of art, allow me to show off my aquisition, which I am told depicts here:

Sarah also has two smaller pieces, which I shall allow her to show off on her own, should she desire.


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June 5, 2007 at 8:55 am

I’d have picked the DMV to be honest. Car > girl.