In That Epic Struggle
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I’m going to talk about Civ for a little bit, but first, a word from our sponsors, directing you here, for some good and happy news, for which the participants are to be congratulated. This is Friend Wedding #2 for the year, and the second one I wasn’t able to be at. I shall make this up to you all.

On a rather different note, something for the Civ players in the audience:

Meet Pachacuti and Pizzaro, cavalry generals of renown amongst the Khmer. They’re byproducts of a particularly long and vicious war against Genghis Khan and his vassals, Hatshepsut, Isabella, and Peter. To impart upon you the enormity of the situation, a map:

The lighter blue with the white square around it? That’s my 6 city empire. Everything west of that in yellow, brown, red, and peach? They were all fighting me. First I knew about it, Genghis shows up outside my city with 2 longbows in it with, oh, 30 guys or so, and it went downhill from there. I eventually came back, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

See, great generals in Civ have 3 functions. You can merge them with cities for +2xp for each new unit, you can make military academies that offer cost reductions on new troop training, or you can merge them with unit(s) for 20 xp for the unit(s). I always sort of disparaged this last usage, either because I was on crack, or because I wanted a horde of +2 xp guys.

In this case, however, having Pachacuti and Pizzaro lead troops was a great idea, and here’s why. Each of them started out life as 7 xp cavalry. +20 xp for the warlord. That’s 5 promotions right there, plus access to a couple of very useful warlord-only ones, the most important of which is Leadership, which doubles xp gained. It and warlords are two great tastes that taste great together, as we can see. You start with a unit that’s excellent by any standards, and a few combats later it wins wars all by itself, as these two did. I found myself fighting on a wide front, and these two were able to be anywhere I needed, same turn, kill the bad guy, then be on the other side to do the same thing. I’d have lost without them, I think.

Instead, I made a dramatic comeback. I ultimately lost the game, but that was running out of time right before my spaceship landed. I can live with that.

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