Maps of Worldbuilding
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A little bit of worldbuilding work, here.

Firstly, the map:

Click for a larger version.

This is the third version of this particular map. The first, which got referenced a couple of times previously in this series, was in the default CC3 bitmap style, which is one that I quite like, actually, but one that just wasn’t cutting it for this particular project for some reason.

Went through a lot of ideas after that, including trying to make up a style based on the 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms map (which is probably the best the Realms have ever looked, but trying to match that style…holy crap), before settling on ideas out of the Cartographer’s Annual 2007, one of which was the Sarah Wroot style, which looked utterly fantastic, but was also utterly unreadable, which turns out to be a problem.

The new map is in the Mercator style, and turns out to be readable AND looks completely awesome, although I will likely change it in a few particulars, including:

– Filling in the bloody Unknown Lands once I come up with something to go there.
– Decreasing the font size for both the Western Sea and the Unknown Lands. It’s a tad large.
– Naming the various adjuncts to the Sea of Vargra.
– Possibly adding ice to the Sea of Moving Ice.
– Adding in the forests that exist in Tithorea and Titheheim.
– Moving some labels about a bit.
– Moving the whole landmass over a little. When printed at 1 inch = 100 miles on a 2×2 layout, the exact middle is somewhere in the Plains of Black Ash in a sort of annoying spot. Then again, it’s not bad where it is.

Other than that, I’m pretty happy with it. None of the rivers are named, mind you, but I’ll save that for the inevitable series of 1 inch = 25 or 50 miles maps I’ll end up needing to do.

Now, what I’m going to do for city and dungeon mapping to complement this style, I have no idea. Dungeon Designer 3 has thus far proved itself to be heavily unuseful, and while there are ways I believe it could be useful (mostly involving Symbol Set 2, which has nice stuff), some of it’s going to take some work to get right. For cities? I have more options here, and will likely have even more if City Designer 3 looks as awesome as the previews show it to be. In particular, the Cartographer’s Annual has this style, which I quite like though it may be too 19th century for the matter at hand. There is also this style, which complements the Mercator map well, but all you get is peaked roofs and such, which is somewhat annoying. So we’ll see. Likely be ages before I do a city in any case.

On another note, I’ve hit upon a tool that I’m using to organize my notes, and that is a personal wiki, of which I am using this flavor, which lends itself heavily to being useful, and I find I quite like it. I’ve already transcribed all of my written scribblings on classes, races, and religion, and it probably won’t be too much more work (at least by comparison – clerics were a bitch) to finish off the rules portion of things, at which time I’ll move on to actual geography fluff. It’s pretty likely I’ll wind up doing a Tharavel style setting book at some point (though hopefully with better art, and I have some ideas on that). Hopefully in August I can do some work on that.

Also need to work on historical stuff, but I’ll do a seperate post on that later.

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