Under A Blue Sky
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An approximate conversation from today:

Sarah: OMG, fall! Pretty colors!
Me: Yes.
Sarah: We should go climb West Rock!
Me: My back hurts.
Sarah: But we’ve been talking about it for two years! Also, it looks amazing out!
Me: There’s that, I suppose.

So after a brief trip to UPS, which is a rant in itself, we paused to admire the view on the local streets, and see that picture of North up there, which is, oh, approximately 50 feet from my house, we headed up to West Rock. And then we froliced in the woods. There were squirrels.

Instead of talking about it, which would be superfluous, I will show you pictures. Most of them can be clicked for bigger, awesomer versions. If you see one you really really like, I have even bigger, super awesome versions I will post for you.

Yes, all of the roads look like that. Yes, I had to winnow through about 10 shots just like it. Yes, New Haven looks sorta neat in the fall.

Take a left at the fork to go up to the top.

The view from the top is amazing. That’s mostly SCSU. Downtown New Haven and Long Island Sound are in the background to the southeast. As I was telling Sarah, it’s amazing how distances really compress, here. I’m not that far from the water, but because of all the city driving, it seems that way.

South into residential New Haven.

Across New Haven/Hamden to East Rock, which is similarly awesome, only smaller.

Northeast across Hamden to Sleeping Giant State Park. Little known fact: I have 3 or 4 state parks within a mile or two of me. Other little known fact: I’ve lived here 2 years and have barely seen any of them.

A closeup shot of downtown New Haven and the Sound.

After that visual spectacle, we went on down the hill a ways. There were paths. These were awesome.

That one is actually pretty straight and non-bumpy. Also, it looks really neat.

There was lots of bare rock. We investigated.


I am lord of all I survey.

Then we went back up and treked over a bit to Judge’s Cave. And I quote the sign:

“Here May Fifteenth 1661 and for some weeks thereafter Edward Whalley and his son-in-law William Goffe, members of Parliament General, officers in the army of the Commonwealth and signers of the death warrent of King Charles the First, found shelter and concealment from the officers of the Crown after the Restoration. ‘Opposition to tyrants is obedience to God. 1896”

All of this you English history buffs, of whom I am likely the only one reading, should recognize. Also, Whalley and Goffe are now major streets in New Haven.

And of course the whole area was a lot different, 240 years ago. To quote Sarah, “Yeah, it must have been a lot wilder back then. No houses all over the place. More boars.”

That aside, it’s admittedly not much of a cave, but the story is really neat. Also, the left side there, where the people are, has a fantastic view to the north.

Whee, fall. I like to diss on New Haven a lot, and on CT a lot, but I have to admit, some days it really makes it worth my while to live here.

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