Butt-Kicking, For Mods
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Oh, you know you love Baldur’s Gate posts. I mean, the game’s like 10 years old and I’m the only who still plays it, so how can you not love that?

Anyway. Insofar as I keep meaning to put this down on paper (of a sort), and because BG/BG2 happen to be about the only games installed on my laptop, let us talk mods and new parties for a sec, as I have a few things I wish to do yet.

First, the outstanding games:

Najah (NE Elf Male Assassin)
BG1 Tutu end date 12/12/05 (Level 10)
BG2 stop date 09/11/06 (Level 16)

I think he may actually be slightly better than this now, and I’m going to load him up here in a few and check, but either way I think he’s still stuck in Ust’Natha because playing him is way super hardcore. I’d like to finish him off.

Thag (CN Dwarf Male Fighter)
BG1 end date 07/23/99 (Level 7); Khalid, Minsc, Jahiera, Dynahier, Imoen

I guess I’d like to take Thag through TOTSC and BG2/TOB, if only for old time’s sake and because I love playing the default good parties. The one he’s got will do for TOTSC, but for BG2/TOB, we can replace Khalid and Dynahier with Aerie and…somebody. Keldorn or Sarevok, trending towards Keldorn. Maybe Mazzy. Short people of the world, unite! and all that.

Besides that, well, lots of mods and parties I still want to try:

Party of Evil:

BG1: PC, Kagain, Safana, Imoen, Edwin, Viconia, Shar-Teel
BG2: PC, Yoshimo/Imoen, Edwin, Korgan/Sarevok, Viconia, Angelo

This one will require the Pocket Plane Group’s Unfinished Business for BG1 WeiDu mod, as well as the Angelo NPC for BG2 WeiDu mod from Gibberlings Three. While we’re at it, any BG1 playthrough should feature the Gibberlings Three Widescreen mod so I can play at resolutions that don’t make me want to die.

This gets me…some of the evil characters from BG1, and all of the evil characters from BG2, gets me the Viconia romance, and delves into the Shar-Teel/Angelo plotline a bit. Apparently there’s good times to be had with me, Imoen, Sarevok, and Angelo in TOB, so there’s that. I’ll need to replace Korgan with Sarevok for TOB, but oh well.

PC works best as a male of whatever race, probably a cleric or fighter. The BG1 party features two thieves, two of the best fighters in the game, a cleric, and a mage. The BG2 party features, at various points, either a thief/mage/fighter/cleric/fighter-mage or mage/mage/fighter/cleric/fighter-mage party. Some variation on fighter gets me a really stupidly powerful BG1 party followed by a well-balanced BG2 party, which is good. Alternately, if I go human, I can go cleric into fighter (or barbarian, or monk) at level 9, for fun Cleric of Talos action. Could be cool.

Kivan Mod Party

BG1: PC, Imoen, Branwen, Kagain, Kivan, Coran
BG2: PC, Yoshimo/Imoen, Aerie, Cernd, Kivan, Deheriana

“Man, the Gibberlings Three Kivan mod sounds awesome! But it needs Aerie and/or Cernd to be in the party!” Well, ok then.

I’m not actually wedded to Kagain in the party – Ajantis or somebody maybe. The rest I think work relatively well. The BG2 party plays a man short until Deheriana shows up, then I’m pretty sure I obliterate dudes.

BG1 party is thief, cleric, fighter, ranger, fighter/thief; BG2 party is thief to mage, cleric/mage, druid, ranger, mage. PC should probably be a fighter to compensate, but will probably end up being a mage instead, or even better, a sorcerer so I can try out that class and adequately fund the other two magi.

I Never Did Play A Paladin, Did I? Party

BG1: PC, Ajantis, Branwen, Minsc, Dynahier, Imoen
BG2: PC, Keldorn, Anomen, Imoen/Yoshimo, Minsc, Aerie

Just as the name suggests. A female paladin, too, just to see if the Anomen romance sucks as hard as I’m told it does. Also I never did the paladin stuff. With this party done, I will have finally completed all the strongholds in the game.

Also, I desire to solo a mage through both games. I am well aware that holy shit that’s pretty hard guys. However.

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avatar Comment by Rachael #1
March 3, 2009 at 8:00 pm


Yeah I didn’t read any of that, because I don’t play the game. I just figured you were due for your… what is it, approximately? semi-annual drive-by?

I’m back in MI now. Don’t warn Whir, I want it to be a surprise.

avatar Comment by Whir #2
March 4, 2009 at 7:07 am

You’re terrible at surprises…

avatar Comment by Gormican #3
March 11, 2009 at 1:59 pm

Less BG more DnD!!! grrr!!!