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On the larger blog note, you can expect bloggage for the next while to consist of pretty pictures, since I’ve had…one? weekend in the last month where I haven’t been out and about in New England, enjoying the lack of ridiculous humidity and heat. I assure you that this idea seems much more strange to me than it must to you, given previous utterances on the subject.

In any case, back in June Sarah and I drove up to Sleeping Giant State Park, which is one of 3-4 in the immediate New Haven area. Hiked up to the top and generally enjoyed the day. I think the trees more or less speak for themselves, so I’ll just shut up and let the pictures talk:

Place used to be a quarry, you understand.

Not sure what’s with that, but it’s cool.

You may have recieved some WPA help in the 1930s when…

I won’t give you the full panorama, but the view’s pretty nice.

Because we must always have ridiculousness. I’m really not sure why I’m semi-reprising the cover shot from Platoon. Maybe I just like making fun of myself on the Internet.

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