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I’ve been meaning to do this since my new monitor got here, but you want to know about how awesome my new monitor is with Oblivion? Well, I’ll show you, but first, a note on characters:

This is Astarius. Male Imperial, currently about level 15. Heavy armor blades fighter with a bit of restoration and alteration as well as block, athletics, and mercantile. He’s ok. He got even better after I gave him a dai-katana with 20 frost damage on hit, but he’s ok.

He’s also sporting the effects of a plugin I made for myself to give out effective Blades eq at higher levels. Stock graphics and all, but it’s nice, since Blades gear is styling. However, do you see that cloak? The teal one with the dragon on it? The original mesh came out of this mod, but I did that retexture. All me. I know retexturing isn’t the biggest skill in the world, but I’m still pretty proud of it.

Anyway, shiny pictures. I’ll be giving you links instead of pics here, because I left them all at full resolution, and I wouldn’t want anybody’s monitor to shoot blue fire. Or their network card.

Sky Over Bridge – A neat ANW sky while traveling over one of the New Roads and Bridges bridges south of the IC. Thanks, Samson! ;)

Aqueduct Sunset – The aqueduct from Let the People Drink, taken from that same NR&B bridge. At sunset. Not that sunsets sucked before in Oblivion, but thanks, ANW.

Sunset Over IC Waterfront – Sunset over the IC Waterfront District, with the LTPD aqueduct in the foreground. If you look carefully, you can see Weye in the distance off to the right.

Bravil – A clear day when Bravil didn’t look crappy. For once in its life.

Skingrad Night – A shot of Skingrad at night, framed by the castle bridge. Because we all need artsy shots.

Mountain Fog – Mountains, trees, and fog, looking down around Cheydinhal from near Azura’s Shrine.

Mountain Sunrise – Ditto, only at sunrise.

In conclusion, thanks, graphics mods.

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