I’m No Fan Of the 19th Century…
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But the writing had a certain flair to it.

Quoth the New York Times of 3/28/1860:

Mr. DARWIN’s mode of accounting for the diversity of the specific forms of organic life, differs alike from the doctrine of LAMARCK, (who made transmutation to depend mainly upon the efforts of the animal,) and from the hypothesis of the author of the Vestiges (who found the solution of the problem in the idea of consecutive development.)

It differs also, let us say, in having for its basis some undeniable facts.

Too, as I have oft lamented to Sarah, we have lost a certain flair for naming seen in days of yore, and please do persue that comment thread for more on the subject, as well as some ex-slave badassery in the process. My favorite, to quote TNC commenter adolphus:

My favorite name from the 19th Century is a Union general who taught civil engineering at West Point and distinguished himself during the Civil War for “constructing the solid defenses of Federal-occupied Nashville, Tennessee, which proved to withstand repeated attacks by the Confederates.” (From Wikipedia)

His name was Zealous Tower.

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