Oblivion Clothing Reference
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Some year, I will put up a non Oblivion-related post. This is not that year, however.

This one’s simple. I got really tired of playing dress up with my newly created NPCs, and finding proper hair colors was annoying, since you had to find that one guy with the right color and copy his values.

So, I made a series of reference images to help me, and maybe help you.


Note that these are CS screenshots, and actual hair looks moderately better with shaders applied in-game. Names in ALL CAPS are the names of hairstyles from the in-game chargen slider, while lowercase names for hairstyles found in the CS but not in-game. The numbers underneath each head are the RGB values for the hairstyle.

Note that Platinum, Orange, and Adoring Fan are appropriately very rare.

Lower Class Clothes

Found in the CS under Clothing/LowerClass. Where clothing for only one sex is shown, it means the other is similar enough not to warrent a picture.

Middle Class Clothes

Found in the CS under Clothing/MiddleClass.

Upper Class Clothes

Found in the CS under Clothing/UpperClass.


Found directly under Clothing in the CS, mostly prefixed with “Robe” and a name.

Shivering Isles Clothes

Clothes from Shivering Isles. CS locations vary:

LC Clothes are in Clothing/LowerClass.
UC Clothes, plus Duchess are in Clothing/UpperClass.
Sheogorath’s Regalia, plus Apostle, Order and Zealot robes have their own categories under Clothing.
Haskill’s suit can only be found by searching for SEHaskillSuit in the main Clothing list.

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