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So, most of you know I’m back in Oregon now. But what have I been doing with my time, you may ask. Well, apart from Adventures in House Remodeling, my first full day back went something like this:

Dad: Well, I need to get the RV moved from down the hill so that Erik can park his car there. So what we’ll do is I’ll back the thing into the street to turn around, then just drive it up. No problem. Done it a bunch of times in the last ten years.

They proceed.

Something: CRUNCH.


Tires: Spin!

Mud: Fling!

Us: This can’t be good.

It wasn’t.

Us: Well, our morning just got funner.

Dad: Well, let’s grab the tractor and see if we can get it out with the chain.

Tractor: You’re kidding me, right?

Chain: SNAP!

(in the comic version, we insert “BIFF!” and “POW!” here, just because)

Us: Well, so much for that idea.

Dad: Guess I’d best call a tow truck.

He does this.

So, come to find out that the RV is angled in such a way as to block all access to the driveway.

Tow Truck Guy: Well, that’s no problem. I’ll just go up the next driveway over and cut cross country over this little field here.

Now, there are a couple of things about Oregon. One is that it rains, a lot. The second is that our soil, while very good at growing things, tends to become saturated when wet, and thence becomes a very soupy sort of mud:

And it doesn’t really hold large heavy vehicles particularly well.

Eventually, however, by using the winch on the back to hook up to some trees, Tow Truck Guy gets his truck back onto gravel.

Tow Truck Guy: Well, ok. Since the two driveways are close, and my cable is long, I can probably just tow you out from here.

They attempt this.

Tow Truck Guy: Now, let me manipulate these controls…

Tow Truck: Sliding backwards! Whee!

Tow Truck Guy: …

So he gets out and grabs some wheel chalks and what have you.

Tow Truck Guy: Now then. Let me pull this lever…

Pulley on the Winch: SNAP!

Tow Truck Guy: Eek! *ducks as said pulley flies past his head*

Everyone: !

So everyone ponders this for a while, and then Tow Truck Guy eventually realizes he has TWO cables on the truck. They try again, and success!

A short time and a couple hundred dollars later, all that was left was the destruction:

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avatar Comment by Suzanne #1
March 22, 2011 at 8:54 pm

And Erik photographed it all. I applaud you, sir.

avatar Comment by Samson #2
March 22, 2011 at 10:06 pm

Highly amusing when the tow truck has to tow itself out of the mud.

And even more amusing that it’s all been immortalized here for our enjoyment :)

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