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Apropos of the previous post, I’m pretty sure I’m obligated to post some these pictures I keep taking of games and say I’m going to post, so…let’s have a post for one of them.

Actually, that one’s pretty small, so:

That’s better.

Anyway, this is part of our ongoing “We’re playing MW3 as an excuse to play a bunch of Battletech” 3050 campaign, and proved that yes, a company (12) of 3025 10th Lyran Guards mechs CAN take on a reinforced Star (8) of Clan Jade Falcon mechs and a Star (5) of Elementals in a fortified base, albeit at the cost of pretty much that whole day in player time.

Of note:

– Cole’s 8 headshots or whatever it actually was;

– The Charge of the Light Mech Brigade, and it turns out the 3025 Stinger and Wasp aren’t the pro choice versus the Clans;

– Actual use of smoke rounds from off-board artillery (both a first for us, I think);

– People jumping on turrets to crush them;

– A combo of Cole lasering, start fires in, and dumping artillery rounds on hardened buildings in order to flush out the Elementals therein;

– Cole leaping on top of the aforementioned building with his 75 ton mech, currently at 75 CF, to attack my Hellbringer, then having a fire in said building reduce it to 73 CF. Since 73 CF is less than 75 CF, Cole’s mech, half the building, and a Point of Elementals went tumbling down into the basement, causing much hurt to everyone;

– My 65 ton Hellbringer getting demolished by Jason’s 45 ton Phoenix Hawk in a charge, which dumped the Hellbringer straight onto its face, killing it in its 2nd or 3rd round of play;

– Swarming Elementals causing not just one Lyran Phoenix Hawk pilot (Jason) to eject in order to not get killed, but also a second Phoenix Hawk pilot to do the same;

– Fun with very hot, very sandy terrain during a sandstorm.

Went pretty well. They’ve accomplished half their mission, and they’re only down 4 light mechs and some armor!

[21:06] Jason: your Loki went down faster than a Cheerleader on prom night
[21:07] Dwip: To be fair, that’s kind of what they do.
[21:08] Jason: not to medium 3025 mechs they don’t
[21:09] Dwip: Have you looked at that armor lately?
[21:09] Jason: lol not exactly
[21:10] Dwip: 3025 P-Hawk: 128 armor.
[21:10] Dwip: 3050 Loki: 128 armor.
[21:10] Jason: wow
[21:10] Jason: thought it was a heavy
[21:10] Dwip: 65 tons.
[21:10] Jason: wow thats kinda sad

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avatar Comment by Gormican #1
December 24, 2011 at 10:30 pm

A few other things of note Cole rejecting the notion of trying to take them out without destroying alot of equipment but his character going on to be a head shooting fiend.

Lets be honest how hard is it to reinstall some ejection seats? So really the only thing we lost was 2 350 bv mechs (1 entirely to friendly artillery)

The light mech distraction brigade actually got the kills on 3 mechs and most of the Elementals.

Also this is the first big success against the Clans I see more medals in our future. Also a propaganda video to boost the moral of the desperate FedCom forces. Imagine being stuck on a ship full of troops terrified by rumors of these supposedly unbeatable mysterious mechs when the big screen pops up to show a “classified” video. A fortified base engulfed by smoke and flame when suddenly a heavy Clan Mech bursts through the flame and starts to fire it’s never before seen weapons. It’s terrifying. Then suddenly a shining blue and white FedCom 10th Lyran Mech lands on the building above it and opens fire. The room erupts in cheers. It staggers and then speeding out of nowhere another 10th Lyran Phoenix Hawk blazes in, leaps and crushes the enemy Mech. The Screen freezes on pieces of shrapnel flying from the demolished mechs head as it topples. The cheers are thunderous. The voice over guy announces that “We have captured the enemy technology and will be updating you on tactics to beat back these invaders” Yay for Moral boosting propaganda :P

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