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So, in the tradition of move-in posts, a move-in post, now that I’ve been in Corvallis for a month even. I’d express amazement and ask where the time goes, but hopefully we all know full well that the time went to moving the hell in, because moving is hard work.

A few words about that.

So, as it turns out, all homes are the same as the saying goes, but all people who live in homes are deranged about their homes in their own unique ways. In my place in CT that resolved itself as crazy wiring, the Stairs of Death, and whatever was going on in the America’s Craziest Home Bathroom. In this place, well…

– I’ll spare you the pictures, but the whole front wall was maroon, while all the rest of the paint was a tossup between yellow and white. Because I can never move in to a place with a normal bathroom, this bathroom was not only maroon, but the previous tenant had put down some of those stick-on tiles in a sort of blood red marble. To top it off, they did the work themselves and not well, so there are even now random blood red drops on random surfaces. I’m pleased to inform you that I am not now a vampire thrall, nor did I find the bodies, but it would seem to have been a near run thing.

Because my parents didn’t get to do the parent thing and help me move in to my last place, they kind of splurged this time, which means all the crazy paint got replaced with nice, new, pleasingly white paint, for which I am grateful every time I look at a wall.

– In discussing the living room and kitchen, we had a discussion along the lines of the following:

Landlady: Yeah, one of the previous tenants put in new lights in the living room and kitchen. Nobody else has them.

Me: That’s pretty great, but the one in the living room has one bulb and my iPhone is probably brighter, and the one in the kitchen has a crazy red plastic medallion and is one of the worst chandeliers in the long, sad history of bad chandeliers. So maybe we should go buy a couple of $30 lights and get those replaced.

Dad: Sure. How bad could it be?

As is usually the case with these things, rather worse than we thought it would be. Come to find out that the wiring up out of the light switch was ok, but at some point turned into bare wire running between the lights. The reason the chandelier had a medallion was because somebody had hacked a foot-wide hole to place the wiring, and then not inside a box. What’s better, the nonstandard light over the sink was apparently wired up to the chandelier using lamp cord. To top it all off, some of the various wiring had actually baked itself to a crisp.

Dad: Pretty sure this isn’t up to code, much.

Fortunately, Dad’s electrical engineering training makes him just as awesome at installing lights as he is at making circuit boards and such, so that all got fixed right quick, so I now have nice, bright lighting in the main room, even with CFLs (boo, hiss).

– It’s still not really clear to me why there’s a cable jack behind the door in the master bedroom with a cable plugged into it leading under the door where the same cable plugs into another cable jack in that wall. Strange things are afoot at the Comcast.

Anyway, a few repairs later everything’s great, and I have a shed and a bunch of other things nobody else has. And somewhere in there, after some really exciting weeks of prep, I actually moved in.

The timing on this, a weekend, was a pretty poor choice on our parts.

That’s Dad and Gordon loading my desk into Gordon’s truck. There’s various exciting things about that desk, including the part where it’s 8 feet long and takes up 50% of my office by itself, but the important thing about this picture is that it’s hailing.

On the way to Corvallis, it actually snowed.

But, a few exciting trips later and with a lot of help from my friends, Piles of Stuff were created.

With the construction of a few WalMart bookcases and the help of the utility knife in the bottom right corner here, it resolved itself into this:

And with the addition of a couple more bookcases, into this:

There’s a couple more bookcases there you can’t see, but come to find out that I have a lot of books. I had actually forgotten the precise scale of the enterprise when I was living out of two bookshelves in CT, but these days I need two giant bookshelves just to hold all my nonfiction. I have fully four of them in the bedroom stuffed with various fiction. There are entire shelves full of things I totally forgot I even owned, which is kind of nice.

(After counting them, because I’m that guy, I turn out to have 650 regular books and 200 gaming books just about even, which is…some.)

Next stop, I probably need to get some art up on the walls. Somebody made me a bunch at one point. Not sure how that happened.

I seem to have lost my curtain rod holders somewhere. I’m kind of unhappy about that.

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avatar Comment by Gordzilla #1
April 6, 2012 at 8:12 pm

I question which is huger: Me or your collection of books. Hard to judge by the pictures.

avatar Comment by Suzanne #2
April 13, 2012 at 8:58 pm

1) Lego ship rocks
2) I miss Corvallis so very, very much.
3) I’m going to go count my books now and see if I can beat you. Do college text books count if I actually read them from time to time?

avatar Comment by Dwip #3
April 13, 2012 at 11:09 pm

1) It makes me happy. Also, this, apropos of not very much at all;

3) Well, I did.

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