Sergeant Rabbit Taught iTunes To Play
By Dwip May 23, 2012, 9:09 pm Comments (0) RSS Feed for this post

So, as pertains to that whole iTunes, diediedie thing, which you will recall looked thusly:

I am happy to report complete, total, and probably final victory over the problems, notwithstanding the bitterly fought battles in Soundtracks, Various Artists, and whyever the shit I had a ton of Foo Fighters music, which is a band I don’t even like.


Yes, that took like a month of messing around with mp3 metadata, wrestling with FLAC->WAV->MP3 conversions, and the like, and that kind of sucked, yes. However, upsides:

1. I can actually find things now, including stuff I haven’t heard in years;

2. I just spent like a month listening to awesome music, and when has that gone wrong;

3. I just spent like a month looking around on Wikipedia for track info and album art, thus giving myself a good dose of rock and roll culture.

I suggest to you that these things combine, much like a guitar-wielding Voltron, to make something much greater than themselves.

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