Butt-Kicking, For Obsessiveness
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In which I’m kind of laying down a couple of markers to myself before I set about playing through Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition here in a hopefully short time. In other words, I’m trying to figure out what I want to play, and in going back through my old parties, I realized I haven’t very well consolidated all my various playthroughs together.

So we’re going to do that. With pictures that I painstakingly hacked together in GIMP. No less than 9 of them. It may be that I like this game a bit (too much).

I didn’t call it the Ravings of Demented Rabbits because I was sane, folks.

Thag (CN Dwarf Male Fighter)
BG1 end date 07/23/99 (Level 7); Khalid, Minsc, Jahiera, Dynahier, Imoen

Referenced: here

– First ever game, pre-TOTSC.

Valerius (CG Elf Male Fighter/Mage)
BG1 end date 11/27/00 (Level 7/7), Ajantis, Khalid, Jahiera, Coran, Dynahier
BG2 end date 10/09/00 (Level 13/13), Minsc, Valygar, Jahiera, Imoen, Aerie

Referenced: here

– First BG2 game, pre-ToB.
– I hate Fighter/Mages.

Yesmalin (NG Elf Male Ranger/NG Elf Male Stalker)
BG1 end date 09/23/00 (Level 8); Minsc, Kivan, Faldorn, Imoen, Dynahier
BG2 end date 09/04/01 (Level 19); Keldorn, Anomen, Jahiera, Aerie, Imoen
ToB end date 09/11/01 (Level 29); Keldorn, Sarevok, Jahiera, Aerie, Imoen

Referenced: here

– First ToB game.
– Look at the dates and tell me I didn’t want BG2 to come out.
– Aerie romance.
– I hate Anomen.
– Maybe my most remembered and favorite game character.

Feldor (LN Half-Elf Male Fighter/Cleric)
BG2 end date 02/16/01 (Level 13/14); Minsc, Keldorn, Jahiera, Nalia, Aerie

Referenced: here

– Cleric stronghold. Period.

Valerian (TN Elf Male Fighter/Mage/Thief)
BG2 end date 05/23/01 (Level 11/12/14)
ToB end date ??/??/?? (Level ??/??/??)

Referenced: here

– Solo F/M/T run through BG2/ToB. Hard but exceedingly rewarding. The end of ToB was HARD.

Ergos (TN Half-Elf Male Druid)
BG1 end date 10/27/05 (Level 10); Khalid, Minsc, Jahiera, Dynahier, Imoen
BG2 end date 11/25/05 (Level 24); Keldorn, Minsc, Jahiera, Aerie, Imoen
ToB end date 11/27/05 (Level 27); Keldorn, Minsc, Jahiera, Aerie, Imoen

Referenced: here

– Jahiera romance.

Argorath (CG Human Male Fighter->Priest of Lathander)
BG2 end date 09/07/06 (Level 26/9); Viconia, Imoen, Solaufein, Nalia
ToB end date 09/11/06 (Level 37/9); Viconia, Imoen, Solaufein, Nalia, Sarevok

Referenced: here

– Breaktime from Najah.
– Solaufein mod.
– Nalia romance mod.
– So many clerics. So many.

Nargol (CN Half-Elf Male Bard)
BG1 stop date 09/24/00 (Level 6); Coran, Kivan, Branwen, Xan, Yeslick
BG1 end date 08/16/06 (Level 10); Coran, Kivan, Branwen, Xan, Yeslick
BG2 end date 06/17/07 (Level 25); Haer’Dalis, Mazzy, Jan, Xan, Aerie
ToB end date 11/23/07 (Level 37); Haer’Dalis, Mazzy, Jan, Xan, Aerie

Referenced: here, here, here

– Bard run. Turns out I hate bards, can you tell?
– Xan mod.

Najah (NE Elf Male Assassin)
BG1 Tutu end date 12/12/05 (Level 10)
BG2 stop date 09/11/06 (Level 16)

Referenced: here

– Solo run through the entire trilogy. This is OMGWTF hard.
– I did, however, chunk Sarevok with a backstab.

Things I Have Not Done

And they are, even now, many.

Alignments Played: NG, CG, LN, TN, CN
Races Played: Human, Dwarf, Elf (4), Half-Elf (3) (What? I like elves…)
Classes Played: Fighter (4), Ranger, Cleric (2), Druid, Bard, Thief (2), Mage (2)
Party Members Used (BG1): Ajantis, Branwen, Coran (2), Dynahier (3), Faldorn, Imoen (3), Jahiera (3), Khalid (3), Kivan (2), Minsc (3), Xan, Yeslick
Party Members Used (BG2): Aerie (5), Anomen, Cernd, Haer’Dalis, Imoen (4), Jahiera (4), Jan, Keldorn (3), Mazzy, Minsc (3), Nalia (2), Sarevok (2), Valygar, Viconia, Yoshimo

Yes, I like Imoen. And Aerie, apparently.

Alignments Not Played: LG, LE, NE, CE
Races Not Played: Gnome, Half-Orc, Halfling
Classes Not Played: Paladin, Barbarian, Monk, Sorcerer
Party Members Used (BG1): Alora (CG Thief), Dorn (CE Blackguard), Edwin (LE Conjurer), Eldoth (NE Bard), Garrick (CN Bard), Kagain (LE Fighter), Montaron (NE Fighter/Thief), Neera (? Wild Mage), Quayle (CN Cleric/Illusionist), Rasaad (? Monk), Safana (CN Thief), Shar-Teel (CE Fighter), Skie (TN Thief), Tiax (CE Cleric/Thief), Viconia (NE Cleric), Xzar (CE Necromancer)
Party Members Used (BG2): Edwin (LE Conjurer), Korgan (CE Fighter)

I had forgotten quite how many thieves there actually are in BG1.

More on what I actually come up with here later.

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