Walking the Wetlands
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So, it’s time for a bit of photoblogging, since it’s currently 75 degrees out and I keep meaning to go outside and, you know, take a walk.

So let’s do some of that after the jump.

My street, for the record, looks about like this from the end of it:

My complex is those brown buildings towards the end, and my place is somewhere shortly around that bend.

If you turn left, you can see how on the outskirts of Corvallis I am:

And if you actually look to the end of the street, you have this:

This is the Jackson-Frazier Wetland, 144 acres of marshy wildlife preserve, of which there are a few more here and there in Oregon. I came out here about 10 years ago when it was new, and have been telling myself I should come back since I literally live right there, but then took my sweet time doing so because as I say, I live right there.

You know how it is.

Anyway, the main feature for us local residents is the boardwalk that loops around for about half a mile:

Why a boardwalk, you ask? It’s not called wetlands because it’s dry:

Among other things, the wetlands are notable for their bird population, which when I was there were more heard than seen. Every so often, you’d get lucky:

Look for the black and red patch in the top center. There’s also at least one smaller brown bird that you can’t see. Protective colorization turns out to be a useful thing.

There’s also a fair amount of flowing water:

And also a surprisingly diverse set of landscapes for such a small area.

All in all, it’s a nice way to spend an hour of your day.

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