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As mentioned previously, we had a really nice stretch of weather here for about a week, and sometimes I like to venture out of my house and go exploring. So I went exploring up to Fort Hoskins Historical Park, which is about as far north in Benton County as you can be and still be in the county, but is nevertheless a county park.

As is my habit, of course, I took pictures.

As the story goes, the US government set up Fort Hoskins to keep an eye on the local Indians back in 1856. As best I can tell, things were pretty quiet (the coolest thing that happened was a very young Phil Sheridan got posted here for a couple months), and right after the Civil War, the whole thing got shut down and abandoned, whereupon the local settlers set up shop. There used to be a settlement, but that too is basically gone.

There’s not much left, these days.

That’s what’s left of the fort parade ground, plus a much, much newer house from when more people lived here. Despite being 20 miles northwest of Corvallis or so, this whole area is pretty remote – we’re deep in the foothills of the Coast range here, and other than a spotty mix of forest, scrub, and farmland, there’s not much here. If there’s a nowhere, Fort Hoskins is at least on the outskirts.

Dotted around this area are a few signs letting you know what the hell it is you’re looking at.

It looks like somebody was doing some work on the house, but I’m not sure what. The whole interior is pretty gutted, and I don’t think there’s anything left but the frame and maybe a couple walls.

Somebody at some point made this neat table and chair out of some stumps.

Nearby is what’s left of the 1915 schoolhouse, abandoned in the 80s. The concrete is in pretty good shape, considering.

There’s also a mile and change worth of trail looping around the hill, which I decided to hike. This turned out to be significantly more work than I expected, but it does offer a nice hike with a nice variation between forest and scrub meadows.

It also goes up.

And up.

And up.

The view is worth it, but it’s a hell of a hike if you’re not expecting it, and even a couple of days later I’m still feeling it pretty good.

But it was a fun little hike, and I got to see some random interesting trees, as well.

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