This Has Never Seemed Like A Good Idea To Me
By Dwip April 24, 2013, 12:30 am Comments (1) RSS Feed for this post

Back in the days when Monroe Elementary School was actually a K-8 institution rather than a middle school, somewhere in the early 90s, somebody came up with the idea of sticking small outdoor fitness courts in schools and parks and such. This was not, I feel, an idea without some level of trouble, since they were uncovered and, get this, it kind of rains a lot in Oregon. Too, the one they gave us sat in a bed of wood chips, which strikes me as the singularly worst workout idea in the history of the world for people who are about to work out and get sweaty, and who are probably wearing low cut shoes.

I mean, if I can figure this sort of thing out in 7th grade or so, how hard can it possibly be?

This is all to say that I was somewhat surprised to find another one of these when I went roaming about the park Monday. I was somewhat less surprised to find it carpeted in mulch, which is somewhat further down the Worst Ideas In History scale than wood chips, but still pretty far up there.

Really, what’s so wrong about grass, I ask you.

To move to a slightly different park, I was also not entirely surprised to find the concrete and rebar play sculptures in Avery Park smashed up and fenced in, because I’ll tell you what – when we were kids, nobody wanted to play on the super hard and painful sculptures when there were nice flat lawns and other alternatives going for us.

Put yourself in the mind of your 8 year old self and ask: would you rather play on the concrete, or would you rather play on the super awesome steam locomotive?

I don’t know how it is with kids these days, but I’m just going to tell you that when we were 8, the population of the train was everybody, and the population of the super hard and painful sculpture things was nobody. As it should be.

I could climb through those tiny little windows up there, once.

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avatar Comment by Samson #1
April 25, 2013 at 12:13 am

Yes. My 8 year old self agrees with your 8 year old self. Train population + 1.

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