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Yeah, there’s probably going to be a lot of these posts for a while.

Out on the west edge of Corvallis, past the fairgrounds a ways going out towards Philomath, is Bald Hill. Among other things, it’s one of the most accessible views of Corvallis such as they are, and it happens to be the easiest one to get to from Oregon State so long as you’re willing to walk about 4 miles either way.

Having just looked that distance up, I now realize why my vivid memories of hurting for days after that time we hiked up there one night in 1999 are as vivid as they are – that’s pretty far if you’re out of shape. It’s also a hell of a run, which is probably why I remember Laurent and I running up there one time in 2005. After that, I decided to give it a miss for the next 8 years or so until deciding on a whim Wednesday to go for a jaunt. Gotta catch those nice Oregon spring days while you can.

Somewhat happily, this time there and back again didn’t utterly wreck me like in days of yore, although this time I chose to actually drive there instead of hiking halfway across town like back in the day.

It was a nice hike. Pictures after the jump, as always.

There’s a nice paved path going from one end of the park to the other (with a fork towards OSU), and that’s a fairly nice walk, with forested hills on the one side and fields on the other. The field bit was brown for me, so it was a nice contrast.

Once you get off the paved paths and start treking uphill, however, the paths get much more rudimentary, and very muddy. Wear boots, and wash them off when you get home.

No, seriously, it’s muddy as hell up there, and no gravel or anything to be found. Be prepared for that, because it’s going to be muddy like that even in summer. It’s the least fun thing about going there.

There’s a flat, grassy patch at the top (thus, Bald Hill) that offers a nice view of the surrounding countryside, one of the better ones locally (though I hope to make it to the best one fairly soon). If visibility is good, and visibility was good, you can see all the way to Greenberry 10 miles away and further.

It must be said that the trek down is much easier than the trek up, and if you want the short hike do yourself a favor and park on the south end of the park rather than the north end where I did, because it’s a lot less muddy that way, and the view is better.

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