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That picture pretty much sums up the entire Willamette Valley, I think. Also it’s kind of neat.

For those of you anxiously awaiting more photoblogging, you’re in luck. Over the past couple of weeks, I decided to check out some of the local state parks I’d never been to: Luckiamute Landing and Sarah Helmick. Both are about a 20 minute drive from me and from each other.

There are two parts to Luckiamute Landing – the southern part, which I hit, has about a half mile of trails that end up at a pond and apparent turtle habitat that used to be a quarry.

Said quarry built Camp Adair back during World War II. These days, Camp Adair is a wildlife area, but it was huge back in the day, and trained 4 infantry divisions before ultimately ending the war as a POW camp.

Wasn’t much of a trip, as there’s not much there now, but it was a nice enough evening walk, and afforded me the opportunity to take a nice picture or two.

Further up the Luckiamute River is Sarah Helmick State Recreation Area, which at one point was a pioneer homestead and is now apparently where people from Monmouth go to hang out. It’s a nice, compact little park. Most of it is a big grassy picnic area:

But there’s also a little bit of a trail down to the river, such as it is.

And a small system of dirt trails around the riverbank through the extremely lush woods, only slightly hampered by the odd fallen tree.

Go the other way, however, and you get farmland. Nothing but farmland, forever.

A neat little place, though as you will soon see, Oregon has more interesting state parks.

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