May Booklogging
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A light month, I think we can agree, though fairly dense on the page count.

An update on the YTD stats:

January: 3 total; 3 fiction (1,712 pages)
February: 3 total; 3 non-fiction (1,098 pages)
March: 13 total; 10 graphic (2,432 pages); 2 fiction (1,462 pages); 1 non-fiction (290 pages)
April: 7 total; 2 graphic (1,200 pages); 2 fiction (1,776 pages); 3 non-fiction (1,244 pages)
May: 1 total; 1 fiction (1,040 pages)

Year to Date: 27 total; 12 graphic (3,632 pages); 8 fiction (5,990 pages); 7 non-fiction (2,632 pages)

Details for May after the jump.

5/19/13 George R. R. Martin, (2011 Bantam hardcover, 1,040 pages – Corvallis Public Library)

Kind of a slog, this one. My affection for Westeros is a strange one – I enjoy the setting, enjoy many of the characters, and find Martin a fairly ponderous author who seems to enjoy writing entirely confusing books. Why did we get a major POV character who got killed at the end? Why doesn’t he foreshadow half of his reveals? Things happen, but unlike A Storm of Swords which had an epic payoff for the first two books, I’m back to waiting for something to bloody happen already. The pacing in this series sucks, and the fact that the next book probably won’t happen until 2015 or so really isn’t helping much.

On the other hand, the show is good. So there’s that, I guess.

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